Saturday, April 12, 2008

First big project finished

I've finished my first major project of the year - redoing a pathway that runs alongside our patio. I had never been satisfied with it. The stones I had initially used were uneven and too thick to walk on comfortably. The dwarf mondo grass planted between the stones was full of weeds. This is how it looked -


Inspired by Pam at Digging, I decided to do it all over again, this time with large flat stones and making it a solid walk. I removed the old stones, the grass and weeds and dug down about six inches. I spread a layer of sand before laying the rock and used a sand topping to fill in the cracks between the stones. The sand topping (a Quickrete product) hardens after you wet it.


Like almost every project I attempt, I soon realized that it was going to be difficult to level because it goes slightly downhill (I am terrible at stuff like this!). I then decided to make the pathway in three sections with step-ups. I replaced the mondo grass between the patio and the path. I think I'm happy with the end result. It is not professional looking by any means but like I said, this is not my forte.


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