Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Bloom Day

I have not participated in Gardener's Bloom Day since I don't know when. Usually when I think of it, it is too late but I'm actually on the ball this time. As most of the country seems to be fast-forwarding toward summer, thoughts of 2007 keep creeping into my mind. That was the year we had an early spring and a devastating late freeze. I'm hoping the same fate is not lurking around the corner this year.

I actually feel like I was cheated out of a winter this year! I do enjoy winter - it gives me a chance to unwind and do things inside (like baking, catching up on movies, etc.) that I otherwise feel guilty doing when it is nice outside. Michael tells me I need to get over this but I just can't help it. I can't stand being inside when I could be accomplishing outside.

The bright side of this early spring is that I'm getting much accomplished so maybe I won't be overwhelmed later.

Gardener's Bloom Day is the 15th of each month and garden bloggers across the nation post photos of what is blooming in their gardens. To get in on the action, visit the May Dreams Gardens blog.

Carolina Jessamine announces that spring is here even if the calendar doesn't agree. Note the increasing dilapidating fence. My goal this year was to replace it but I proscrastinate (plus have you priced fencing lately?)
There are many camellias blooming at the moment but I think "Taylor's Perfection" is the prettiest.
Another camellia (unidentified) with Alabama Snow Wreath (Neviusia alabamensis) in the background
Azalea "Coral Bells"
Hellebores and Camellia "Sawada's Dream"
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Helleborus foetidus  (Bear Claw Hellebore)
Jacob's Ladder "Stairway to Heaven" (polemonium reptans)

Pansies and Candytuft

Vinca major

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy

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