Horticultural bloopers on TV

So, who was watching "The Closer" last night and noticed the huge (at least to me) goof about the poison ivy? Brenda and her crew are on a steep ravine in L.A. analyzing a car crash/murder victim and one of Brenda's men tells her that she is standing in poison ivy. They show her legs in the middle of what is obviously NOT poison ivy. Hehehe

I'm sure 90% never saw the blooper and I suppose horticultural accuracies on tv crime dramas are not a top priority. Oh well.

I am highly allergic to the stuff and usually have to get a shot every year for it. I have discovered a great product though that will nip it in the bud if you apply it immediately after your exposure. It is called Zanfel - expensive but worth it and you use it in small amounts so a tube will last a long time. I could have told Chief Deputy Brenda Johnson that it works much better than Calamine lotion!


  1. I didn't see the show but it seems to me the writer goofed. It was a lose/lose situation. I would not think the actress would want to actually stand in poison ivy.

  2. That's especailly blooperious because we usually call it poison oak in California, and most authorities I use consider the two two different species. But whatever.

    What plant do you think she actually standing in?

  3. Chuck, now that you mention it, they did call it poison oak. There are two different species - oak and ivy - they both grow here in Alabama and most people confuse them. The plant she was standing in looked like a small shrub.

  4. I watched the episode last night. Everytime the poison oak was referenced all I could think about was Brenda standing on a bush. For something so central to the story I think the producers should have taken more care with the set.

  5. I don't guess that they could pay the star enough to stand in the real stuff. I could do it, though. I don't seem to be sensitive to it.


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