Top Chef

Allow me to digress from the subject of gardening briefly to talk about one of my favorite tv shows. I'm not a frequent television viewer and there are only a handful of shows that I faithfully tune in to every week. The most entertaining for me at the moment is Top Chef which airs on the Bravo channel. Here is a reality competition show that manages to entertain not by the personal dramatics of the contestants (although there is some of that!) but by the sheer creativity of the competition itself. Here is a group of truly talented chefs who go through some pretty grueling challenges every week. They are judged by some of the most respected names in the food industry. And their dishes look like works of art!

Season 3, which takes place in Miami, has been a particularly good one with some surprising revelations and outcomes. Dramatic departures - such as Tre and CJ (both of whom I thought would probably be in the final four) have infuriated many fans of the show and keep the message boards on the Bravo website hopping. Whether or not you agree with the judges decisions, I'm usually placated by reading their individual blogs (also on the Bravo website) which explains how they reached their decisions and provide some insight into considerations that may not have made it to the final edit.

So here we are, down to the final 4:

Brian - The San Diego seafood chef made to the top 4 by sheer luck in my opinion. For me, he is the least impressive. I would have rather seen CJ or Tre in his spot.

Dale - The Mohawk sheared gay chef from Chicago. I like him but I don't think he will win because of his inconsistencies in the past. And he'd be much cuter with a different haircut. At least he isn't saddled with the name of "Hung"! Can you imagine the jokes that would create?

Casey - The Jennifer Aniston look-alike chef hails from Dallas and she continues to impress me more every week. The judges are also applauding her work and her decisions to take creative risks. I think she and Hung will be in the top 2 and she is my favorite. If she wins, she will be the first female winner on the show.

Hung - He won't be winning any popularity contests but I believe he is the one to beat. He's cocky and isn't a team player but his talents with a knife are undeniable.

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  1. yeah Hung's fast but if you're impressed by him drop by your local sewing plant and watch the women on a production line. He's a snail in comparison. Oh that's right, all the sewing plants have been moved to China. Nevermind. Actually I can draw a parallel. Should Top Chef be best production worker or most creative? I'm voting for Casey. I wanted Howie to win but he wasn't good enough.


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