Thursday, October 18, 2007

Goodbye to a movie legend

It was reported today that actress Deborah Kerr has died. She was one of my favorites and when I went through a phase of doing celebrity websites years ago, I created one on her. Researching her life and career was a very rewarding experience. In her private life, she was as elegant and mannered as she appeared onscreen and, rare for an actor, there were no scandals. She was a genuine and caring person as well. I have received numerous e-mails from fans who either met her or corresponded with her. For many, she is remembered for her roles in The King and I and An Affair To Remember (one of Michael's favorites). And I'm sure that when they show the clips of her on the news, the famous beach scene kiss between her and Burt Lancaster in From Here to Eternity will be featured. My personal favorite films of hers include Black Narcissus, Heaven Knows Mr. Allison, The Innocents, Night of the Iguana and The Chalk Garden. And yes, if you need a good cry, go out and rent An Affair to Remember. Was there an actress who made the English language sound more beautiful? She will be missed.


  1. Wow, she was in a lot more films than I realized! Your post is a nice tribute.

  2. Amazing but I don't think I've ever seen An Affair to Remember. I saw Black Narcissus for a class in college, and wrote my final paper on it. I should see that again.

  3. Thank you, Phillip, for this lovely tribute to a wonderful actress. I can remember my mom and dad taking four kids [we were all under 10] to the afternoon showings of The King and I and Heaven Knows Mr Allison where my sister and I immediately fell under the spell of Deborah Kerr and her cultured, clear voice. We also saw The Proud and the Profane on the big screen which was very confusing to children! [Although the ensuing crushes on Robert Mitchum & William Holden lasted longer than they did.]

    I've seen many more Deborah Kerr movies since then and thought it was fun when Sleepless In Seattle kicked up the rentals for An Affair to Remember.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    PS I ran across the Gloria page before I knew you as a gardener.