Great gardening weather

Yesterday was Fall Break at the university where I work and I had a day off. It was a gorgeous day - sunny with a cool breeze and the temperature just barely reached 70. I got my roses planted and I reworked the flower bed at the UU church. Back in the spring, I planted sweet potato vine, angelonia, zinna and verbena and you can see by the photo who won that contest. The potato vine took over and smothered everything in its path except for the summer snapdragon which you can see gasping for air. Well, live and learn. I'll know better next year. Actually, the potato vine got a lot of comments. I pulled everything out and put pansies down for the winter.

I was amazed at the size of the tubers! The largest one is the size of a basketball and the creepy one on the left looks like an alien baby. Is this normal??? I'm wondering if I can keep these to replant next year?


  1. I saved mine a couple of times the first year they rotted. The 2nd time it didn't rot but it was mid summer before it started to grow and had already bought new ones. Give it a try, you have nothing to loose!

  2. I agree with KCMGG,

    You can store them just keep them dry and cool


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