Time for a movie?

Just barely. The semester is winding down and after this week, I'll have three glorious weeks to romp in the garden. This week I'm juggling last minute chores and garden visitors for my open garden week. So far, we've had about 6 visitors per day which is not overwhelming and just about right. I'm thinking this weekend will be the busiest time, if the weather is nice. With all this going on, I've not had time to take photos and update my blog.

My stack of dvds continues to grow. Last night, for the first time in ages it seems, I actually collapsed on the sofa and watched "Into the Wild," about a college graduate named Christopher McCandless who ran away from his family and friends and trekked cross country to live in Alaska. I won't say anything else except to tell you that the outcome is not a pretty one. Michael was a bit surprised when I told him that I'd often had a fantasy about leaving the hustle and bustle of society and living in the woods. But, heck, I'm thinking more along the lines of North Carolina wilderness (like Christopher at Outside Clyde), not Alaska! I'm still not sure why this kid wanted to go to freezing Alaska but the movie perked my interest enough to check out the book from our library. It is a very good film with beautiful scenery and great performances. Hal Holbrook is especially touching as a lonely older man who befriends McCandless.


  1. Glad to hear your open garden is going so well. I'm sure everyone is amazed at it all. Take some time to enjoy your weeks off. :-)

    About the neighbor and the rose, she says she getting old and her skin is too thin to keep getting snagged on it. LOL

  2. What a lovely garden you have to share with visitors!

    Have a lovely vacation.


  3. I will have to try that movie. I read the book, and it was sad, but very good.

  4. My husband already has it in his queue, but I'd planned to let him watch Into the Wild on his own. Your post makes me think I should give it a 15-minute trial period when he watches it. Thanks for the review, Phillip.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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