It's getting hot in here...

And it is only lunch time!


  1. This morning Andy told me it was supposed to feel like 107! Now, we too, are dreaming of OR or WA!

  2. Phillip,

    It's hot here, too, 96 now on its way up to 101. My poor flowers. How are yourd?


  3. We're looking at 100 tomorrow, supposed to feel like 106--rain forecast for Wednesday, and I hope the weatherpeople have it right! The flowers trudge on . . .

  4. Thank goodness for air conditioning. We have had high temperatures, too. I keep trying to think good thoughts about summer and staying in the present moment, but the future (fall's temperatures)is so appealing right about now it is hard not to wish the summer away.

    Always Growing

  5. What would we Southerners be without our "doodads", Philip ?

    You've got a great collection, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Hard to believe but it's a cold day in July here -74 wonderful degrees.

    Keep cool.


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