Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Late Spring Flowers

The dreaded heat and humidity is encroaching!  The good news is that we have been getting rain. These photos were taken during the last two weeks and I am just now getting around to them. I have already posted some of these photos on Facebook and Twitter so if you follow me there, I apologize for the duplications!

Some close-ups from the garden -

Lady Belles (Adenophora)

Geranium "Vancouver Centennial"
Geranium "Vancouver Centennial"
Spiegela (Indian Pink)
Indian Pink (Spiegela) - love this plant!
Indigofera amblyantha (Chinese-Indigo)
Chinese Indigo (Indigofera amblyantha)
Rose "Red Cascade" and Phlox
Rose "Red Cascade" and Phlox
Rose "Daydream"
Rose "Daydream"
Rose "Sweet Chariot"
Rose "Sweet Chariot"
Aralia cordata "Sun King"
Aralia "Sun King" (Aralia cordata)
Variegated Solomons Seal and Indian Pink
Indian Pink (Spiegela) with Variegated Solomon's Seal
Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy



Lisa at Greenbow said...

Indian Pinks are fab. I would love to see a splash of their color here. The heat is building here too. Summer is almost upon us.

Aaron Dalton said...

The Daydream rose is dreamy.

Your Indian Pinks look fab. Mine are finished already! But perhaps that's because they were nursery bought and planted this spring? Maybe they'll bloom later and longer if they return next year? (I didn't deadhead, which I heard can stimulate repeat bloom, because I'm hoping to get seeds. But I don't know. They may have finished blooming before the hummingbird came back to the garden...)

Edith Kent said...

Phillip I believe it was good year for Indian Pinks. Never had this many blooms. Love them too!

shenandoah kepler said...

I always swoon for your roses! Do you do anything to keep them robust -- spray, etc.? Which ones do you feel hold up best in our humid environments? Thanks!

Phillip Oliver said...

Shenandoah, I don't do anything special to them and I don't spray. Only the toughest stay! I find that hybrid musks do well and they take our increasing shade better than most roses.

Gardens at Waters East said...

Nice photos today. I especial like the rose - Daydreams. Very nice. Glad to make the visit today. Jack

Dee Nash said...

The roses are adorable. Love those small sweet blooms. You know, I've tried growing Indian pink, but it died out. I must have placed in a place it didn't like. I do love the look of it though. ~~Dee

Donna said...

I love those roses...the color is amazing.

_emily_rose said...

I love your Indian Pink. I was given some last year, but I critter dug it up almost immediately. :( Hopefully I'll be able to find some more one day!

RobinL said...

I love to "visit" gardens in other zones, and see the different plants. Indian pinks look really cool, I've never seen them in person. That first rose picture is absolutely gorgeous!