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Rhododendron 'Taurus'     Nothing too pressing but a lot of odd jobs to get done, mainly getting container plants situated and planted. A day for puttering, a favorite activity. I would get much more accomplished if I focused on one task but I find myself stopping here and there and thinking about what needs to be done. Or seeing plants that need to be photographed so a rush to get the camera. I do lots of running back and forth.    Vine Maple 'Pacific Fire' ( Acer circinatum ) The 'Sem' False Spirea is looking really beautiful. I recently dug it up and put it in a pot in fear that it would try to take over the garden. The roots had spread quite a lot.   'Sem' False Spirea ( Sorbaria sorbifolia )     The weather was nice today with the exception of a pesky wind. Otherwise, lots of sunshine and temperature in the 60s. It was also a day for watering which is distressing for such an early date. We are over 3 inches behind on rain and it will be getting 80+

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