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Foliage Follow-Up for March

I usually do not participate in "Foliage Follow-Up" that immediately follows "Bloom Day" because I think that I don't really have any interesting foliage to photograph. Then, once I do decide to do it, I am out in the garden for hours finding one plant after another with beautiful foliage. This time of year, of course, there is actually more foliage than flowers. 

One of my goals is to have foliage year-round and here, with so many evergreens to choose from, that is an easy accomplishment. There are so many different shapes, sizes and textures, that one could easily have a gorgeous evergreen garden. Take a look at Adrian Bloom's wonderful book Gardening with Conifers for some inspiration on that front. It is one of my favorite books. I am far too scatter-brained and undisciplined to strive for such a garden so I aim for a happy medium.

One thing that evergreens cannot do though is give you that thrilling surge of excitement in the blood when you start to see …

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