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The floriferous garden of Barbara Blossom Ashmun

When I was falling head over heels into gardening many moons ago, I spent hours glossing over gardening books. At the time, I worked at the local public library and I always had a stack of books checked out and I kept our interlibrary loan department busy as well with my endless requests. I remember one of the books in our library was "The Garden Design Primer" by Barbara Blossom Ashmun. For the novice gardener trying to find their way and make some sense of their landscape, the book offers an encouraging and gentle hand with lessons on putting plants together for harmonious effects as well as offering plant suggestions for specific areas.

Barbara started her own garden in Portland in 1986 and she has also written several books of essays about her experiences. The books ('Married to My Garden' and "Love Letters to my Garden') are wonderful, inspiring and funny and especially a good read during those winter months when most of us are cooped up inside.

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