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Moving Schipka Laurel for Rhododendron 'Loderi King George'

Picture it - a 6 ft. tall Schipka Laurel used to stand here (I forgot to take a "before" shot and don't feel like searching for one).  I knew when I planted it that it was probably a bad idea but thought it would be good for a fast-growing screen along the back fence-row. I'm sure all gardeners do this, especially if you have a new garden and are eager for greenery. In all fairness to the laurel, it is a useful plant and I would argue even a beautiful one when nicely maintained. Before I dug this one up, I stood back and admired it and felt the guilt pangs stabbing at my heart.  I removed a much larger laurel than this a few years ago and they are not the easiest plant to dig out. I was determined to save this one and I believe I was successful.  Here is a thought and you can take this to the bank - the pot you choose to hold a plant that you dig up will ALWAYS be too small. Always!  So, after finding the largest pot I could, here it is, after being cut back pretty dr

It won't be long now...

It has been so cold and dreary lately and Spring is like a distant memory. Our patience should be rewarded in just three or four weeks with scenes like the following (fingers crossed) -


  1. Nice video clip, Phillip! Lately I have been trying to jazz up my blog with a few videos also. Let us all THINK SPRING and cross our fingers no rogue, late bitter hard freeze will hit later this month just as things start budding out! Best regards, Jon in Vicksburg, MS on 2-1-08

  2. Really cool time lapse photography! I wanted to try that but never found the time to hang around long enough to snap pictures every few minutes. ;) Spring's just around the corner.

  3. Hang on Phillip ! You've got a real bad case of Spring fever that is sure to be cured soon. I'm next door down in Tampa getting the cure ( sunshine ) for my winter blues .

    Chicago is under a foot of snow.

  4. Looks like today [Saturday] in Florence is our spring shot to get us through February.


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