The Rose Parade continues...

This morning I could see a line of thunderstorms on the radar headed our way so I went out to take a few photos before the rain got here. Then, right before I left for work, we were under a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning. Is it possible to just have a nice rain or thunderstorm anymore instead of this crap everytime? Ugh!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get strong winds, hail or anything damaging. The roses are really nice right now.

I discovered this morning that I really can't get a good wide shot of the pergola, so a close-up will have to suffice. This is the rambling rose 'Francoise Juranville'


Another pergola shot showing the same rose mixed in with 'Russell's Cottage Rose'


Everybody always goes nuts over this rose and for good reason - 'Veilchenblau'


Here is a close-up of the blooms. You can see they have a really unique color for a rose. It is also known as the 'Blue Rose' which is easier to pronounce.


This rose also grabs the attention. It is the hybrid musk rose 'Moonlight'


A climbing hybrid musk rose 'Prosperity'


Another unique rose, again a hybrid musk, called 'Lyda Rose.' It reminds me of dogwood blossoms. A very trouble-free rose and always rewarding.


And I can never get tired of 'Buff Beauty'




  1. Holy crap! Your garden never fails to astound.

  2. I never get tired of seeing pictures of you garden, Phillip. I hope one day we can get to where you guys are. I want the garden to be so full that you have to follow a path to see everything.

  3. Beautiful, what outstanding roses. I hope you were spared the strong winds and hail of a major storm today so that your roses can continue to delight you and everyone who visits your garden

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. Hi Phillip, your roses are in their prime. I love them all, and how you have blended them to paint the proverbial sea of roses. We have Veilchenblau and Moonlight also, Moonlight is the one my daughter and I chose as the winner of 'if you could have only one rose'. I like to say vell-ken-blaw, especially that last syllable, drawn out slowly. Hope you suffered no damage. We are on the edge of the tornado warning, but so far it looks like just rain for us, much needed.

  5. Man, that is a parade. Good lord, what have you been feeding those roses. Please tell me they have been in the ground 20 years so I won't feel like mine are just minuscule.
    I love the Buff Beauty.

  6. Not only do you have stunning roses (and great pics of them) but you have such a good layout of spaces in which to show them off. I love the framing you've done with trellises and pergolas.

  7. Oh, to have such roses! They are beautifully photographed and placed in the garden. I can almost smell them.

  8. I know your in Nashville and having nothing but torrential rains that pelt the life out of every Iris, Daisy and Rose is tiring!

    They are lovely Phillip, really spectacular...Oh to grow such beauties! You have a gift.


  9. Jennifer FrazierMay 9, 2008 at 9:09 PM

    Phillip, stumbled on your site accidentally...what a pleasant surprise. I am a new Old Garden Rose enthusiast. Actually I work in Florence AL and live just outside Iron City TN. I may bombard you with questions. Your garden is what I aspire to.

  10. What beautiful roses! My grandmother had a hybrid musk that for some reason, we called Wild Rose.

  11. Hey Phillip! The photos of your garden are as always - ASTONISHING! What I found quite humorous though was the fat, white cat perched in the lower right corner of one of the photogs. He has a funny expression on his face almost as if he's angry at being in the shot. LOL... I find humor in small things and you know what they say? Those with small minds are easily amused ;0)

  12. The roses and their structures are just wonderful, Phillip, and the post you wrote about rose growing is a keeper.

    Who could ever get tired of Buff Beauty!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  13. Your flowers are beautiful. You truly have a green thumb

  14. Hi Phillip,
    Do you remember that garden series by Audrey Hepburn? There was an episode on roses, and I am reminded of those gardens when I see yours; it is beautiful. Speaking of beauties, who is that white cat in the corner?

  15. i so love your roses....when my roses start to grow together they get leggy....what am i doing wrong? i'll see if i can find a good picture & send it to you...


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