Happy birthday Jennifer Jones

My all-time favorite actress is 90 today! Jennifer Jones, here's wishing you good health, happiness and love for many more.


  1. I am picking your post today, how could I not. And wishing Jennifer Jones a very Happy Birthday.

    I was named after her, my Dad really liked her as a actress, so he decided that they would name me Jennifer.

  2. Happy Birthday Jennifer! There are few who can rival her.

  3. Phillip--There seem to be few people who even remember Jennifer Jones. I fell in love with her when I was about 8, the first time I saw Song of Bernadette. I have to admit, though, that I didn't know she was still alive--the last thing I remember her in was Towering Inferno in the 70's.

    BTW, your garden looks absolutely glorious in the snow. Mine just looks, well, snowy.

  4. Yes, I love Jennifer's movies. Portrait of Jennie is my favorite!


  5. Jennifer, I often hear from women who have been named after her.

    Cosmo, most people usually say "WHO"??? LOL

    Cameron, if I had to choose a favorite, that would probably be it. Wonderful movie!

  6. I had to ask my partner who Jennifer Jones is....the response that came from the next room was, "They need to take your card away...."

    Guess that means I'm on my way to the video store now....

  7. I didn't know who she was but after we've gone to the Elizabeth Lawrence gardens, --didn't forget that ;)---we'll catch her at the dollar movies.

    What do you like about her the most? I like popcorn--lots of butter.

  8. I have to admit, I had to google her. She is lovely. Don't remember seeing any of her films.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Jennifer, hope you enjoy many more.

  9. Ok, had to come back again. if you haven't seen a Jennifer Jones movie, Cameron's right, start with Portrait of Jennie. Then Duel of the Sun, then A Farewell to Arms. She won her Oscar for Song of Bernadette, which as an 8-year old Catholic girl I found mesmerizing (I find it pretty scary now, but JJ is still gorgeous).

  10. OK, maybe I have a fixation on school teachers. I still remember how my 10th grade English teacher looked standing by the window with the sun gleaming off her raven black hair..., oh I was gonna comment, sorry and Hi Phillip, it has been a long time since I visited your site but you know dialup - so slow. I have to plan ahead. Anyway I love the terrible Miss Dove and thank both her and my 10th grade teacher for helping to make me the wonderful person I am now. Please, I didn't know that until my girl friend told me yesterday. :)

    Anyway Phillip, I have to be honest and say I'm trying to drum up some traffic to our new website.

    see you soon!


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