Time to smell the roses

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Many of the roses just exploded with bloom over the weekend so if you are planning on stopping by to see them, get ready! I usually tell people that early-mid May is the best time but this year the warm temperatures are pushing them ahead of schedule. 

I spend the weekend getting the containers potted and it is a big job. I don't which is the most hectic - actually getting them purchased or planting them.

I took these photos this morning before I left home for work. Another storm system is coming tomorrow and you never know what kind of destruction that will bring.

If the weather cooperates and you are in town this weekend, come by and see the roses. Just promise to excuse the weeds - I'm behind on them. :(

"Rambling Rector" covers most of the pergola. "Buff Beauty" is on the left.

"Gartendirektor Otto Linne" at the bottom and "Rambling Rector" above
"Gartendirektor Otto Linne" (left) and "Buff Beauty" (right)
"La Marne" and "Moonlight" in the background to the left
"Buff Beauty"
Standing above looking down into the garden - Beauty Bush, "Buff Beauty" and "Rambling Rector". The hydrangeas in the foreground are covered with buds.
On the opposite side of the house (north side) is "Climbing American Beauty" on the archway

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. I don't see any weeds. The roses are so beautiful that the weeds are hardly visible. I hope the storm isn't too harsh on your garden. It's too lovely to be destroyed.
    Hope you had a great Easter.
    Have a good day!

  2. Your garden os gorgeous! I wish I could visit and smell the roses. Your Rambling Rector is very impressive. You have so many beautiful old roses grown so well it is a treat to see your pictures.

  3. I am in love with your photos of 'Buff Beauty'. And that's no surprise to me given how much I love roses that are in the peach/yellow portion of the spectrum. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am so glad you showed us this preview of the roses since I can't get by there this weekend. WOW is all I can say. They look terrific.

  5. I wish I was in town. I would love to see your place.

  6. Here I am wishing again I was a little closer to you. It is a sight even in photos. And those don't come with the slight breeze and the fragrance...

  7. Phillip,
    The rose gardens are stunning! Hope some of them are fragrant, if so it must be enchanting.

  8. Phillip, The garden is breathtaking!! I am sorry not to be there to see it,I had hoped to. Next year!
    Rambling Rector looks too spectacular! Is he a remontant? I planted one at the foot of an old Oak tree but its still a baby...

    Everything is early this year; too hot too soon!

  9. Everything is gorgeous, so pretty!! You have so many beautiful old roses grown so well it is a treat to see your pictures..
    Thanks for sharing..

  10. My My, what beautiful roses! People in Birmingham are still talking about your garden! Thanks for sharing your love of gardening and roses with the masses!

  11. Phillip, The garden is dressed in her finest! I love "Gartendirektor Otto Linne" and "Rambling Rector"together. It's a good combination and my favorite photo. gail

  12. I'm behind on weeding also and I have my Deshler classmates coming Sat as part of our reunion and my tractor won't go forward or backwards. I was trying to get mulched what we weeded. JD service says I pulled a wire loose driving through the Chinese privet. My iris and peonies are late this year. Most are just starting to bloom. Mary

  13. And this is only the beginning, right? Your garden is breathtaking. Buff Beauty is fantastic as is Gartendirektor Otto Linne. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  14. oh, just wonderful! It is such a pleasure to visit your blog at the end of each day! My roses here in my Indiana garden are barely woken up, so I can't wait for these to catch up growing.

  15. Makes me wish I had the space, time, and patience for roses! So beautiful!

  16. Your roses are just beautiful as always. They look so good amongst all the spring green.

    What's the grass near the foot of the pergola in the second photo?

    Your garden must be a delight to visit.

  17. Aah, you're a bit ahead of the Left Coast, so I'll have to get my fill via the computer screen for now;-)
    Such fragrance!

  18. Aah, you're a bit ahead of the Left Coast, so I'll have to get my fill via the computer screen for now;-)
    Such fragrance! Divine....

  19. I hope your roses are still beautiful today, Phillip - but even more, hope you are OK!
    Am worried because Phil Campbell, AL doesn't look that far away from Florence on the map.


  20. Everything is so alive and beautiful in your garden, Phillip... a masterpiece.

    I am hoping that all is well with you and that the storm has passed you by.

  21. You have such a beautiful garden! I love to make your pictures my desktop pictures at work so I can dream of sitting in the garden with roses all around me :)


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