Rabbit Patch Daylily Garden going out of business

The owner of the Rabbit Patch Daylily Garden is retiring after this year. He is having a great sale on his remaining daylilies. 

Directions: From Cox Creek Parkway in Florence, take Chisholm North.  Turn right on County Road 28. He is on the right about a mile down the road. He has a sign out in front and also on Chisholm.  Phone # 256-764-1489.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. I am barely managing to keep the ones I have alive now. Are you getting any rain up there?

  2. Randy, we got a good rain last week and it rained today. It looks like you are getting some too?

  3. Rain, yes, maybe I can do some gardening besides watering. I plan to visit the Rabbit Patch Thurs or Friday depending on the rain. Like I need more daylilies. I still have bunches in pots that need to be put in the ground. Mary


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