Star Magnolia

It is a sunny but cold and windy day. I just stepped outside to take a photo of the Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata), one of my favorite ornamental trees. It is in full bloom right now but that probably will not be the case after this weekend when temperatures are predicted to plunge into the low 20s. The tree will then look like it is covered with wet tissue paper.

It is difficult to get a full shot of this tree. There are power lines and neighbor's houses in the background and the absence of leaves make photography difficult. It is beautiful to look at in person but photos usually disappoint. 

I would like to grow this tree in a sheltered location, such as a courtyard or next to a south-facing wall or patio. Keep location in mind if you plan to plant a Star Magnolia.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Wow Philip... I wasn't prepared to think magnolias would be in bloom already... even in the south! i've been poring over a list of magnolias for the past couple days... I've got it pared down to thirteen would you believe?! This is tough... wishing I had more space. Maybe it's time to remove more trees to make space for improved varieties... a hard decision. Larry

  2. Star Magnolias are gorgeous in bud and stunning in flower. The rest of the year... Beautiful picture Phillip!

  3. Phillip, I love this shot, you've captured the beauty of Star Magnolia!
    Mine will like wise be wiped out, too. Such is the fate of this too early bloomer! gail

  4. This is a great shot. You are lucky to have any blooms at this time. You can savor them. I noticed that your garden got a nod in Pam's book. Great!

  5. Pretty! And I bet it smells wonderful, too! I don't usually see this type of magnolia here - its petals look quite delicate.

  6. Gorgeous bloom and photo! Jeannine


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