A successful garden tour!

We have survived the garden tour and I'm happy to say it was a success. The weather cooperated and we had a steady flow of visitors all day Saturday and more than I expected on Sunday. I was told over 500 tickets were sold. We were all exhausted by the time it was over. Who knew that standing around talking to people could be so tiring? I still haven't fully recovered.

A special thanks go out to George, Pam, Berniece, Joann, Rebecca, McKenzie, Kelly and Jim who worked all day Friday (and earlier) to finish up weeding and last minute chores. The garden has never looked this neat so early!

It was early for a garden tour and our garden is far from its peak. That usually happens in early to mid May when the roses are blooming. I hope I can invite everyone back for another view when that happens.

There wasn't much in bloom but we did have -

White Wisteria - Most visitors had never seen white wisteria before. This was a plant given to me by my great aunt Gertha who died last year. It is very special to me.

The fragrance filled the entire garden.

Piedmont Azalea (Rhododendron canescens) also looks great this year.
Kerria japonica
Carolina Jessamine
Honeysuckle "Alabama Crimson" - saw the first hummingbird of the year on it last Friday.
Woodland Phlox with Azalea "Delaware Valley White" in the background

Fothergilla "Mount Airy" (Fothergilla gardenii) - just opening

I'm hoping someone can identify this for me.

In the background, Ivy "Gold Child" on the wall. Behind the wall, you can see glimpses of the white wisteria, Piedmont azalea and the rose "Lady Banks".

Holly Fern got lots of comments
And the most asked about plant - Italian Arum (Arum italicum). For more information about it, see my earlier post.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. The pictures of your garden and the others are beautiful!
    Wished I lived closer to partake in the tour.
    If you toured my garden right now, I'd only have a hellebore in bloom, and some tiny early spring flowers. The daffodils aren't even out yet.

  2. So glad the tour went good and the people came to see. It's hard when you do so much and they don't come to see it. I love the arum too.

  3. Congrats on a successful day. I knew you would be blessed with good weather. The garden gods were smiling on you. Love that wisteria. I can almost smell it. Now you can get some rest as your garden is up to snuff for the season.

  4. I bet your garden blew people away! I could have told you a garden tour is exhausting. We tell our gardeners at Garden Walk Buffalo to drink lots, don't expect to talk to everyone and take a break a few times a day. I'll get about 3,500 coming through my garden in a weekend and by the time Sunday evening rolls around, we are physically and mentally spent. But it IS fun!

  5. Congratulations! Your garden has such charm. You have more in bloom than we do. Our garden is a month behind schedule due to the long winter we had here.

  6. So glad it went well for you and I am sure everyone enjoyed it. Take a rest, and sit and enjoy your garden while it's pretty and clean! Carol

  7. Good for you Phillip! Glad the weather cooperated and how special to have Great Aunt Gertha's floral presence with you on the special day! I hope you are able to rest this week!

  8. Oh my gosh! They have Italian arum at the Tulsa Zoo, and I lust over it every time I see it - I have searched plant bases for its name, because I really want some, and I couldn't find any if I didn't know what to search for. I even posted a pic on Twitter to see if someone could tell me. And here it is in your beautiful garden! Many thanks!!

  9. Congrats on a successful tour! The white wisteria is stunning. Your unidentified plant reminds me of garlic mustard, an invasive weed.

  10. Phillip,

    Your garden was just beautiful! I enjoyed talking to you and Michael and walking through your garden. When we left my sister said that she could tell that "real gardeners" lived there. You guys have done such a wonderful job and created a place that is very peaceful and welcoming.

  11. Phillip, congratulations! Your garden is one of my favorites on-line. There are so many points of interest in it! I wish I could join the tour.

  12. Oh, I wish I could have toured your garden Phillip! It still looks lovely and has plenty of blooms to me. I was on a garden tour once - it was exhausting. So I completely understand. :-) Congrats on such a successful day.

  13. Congrats on the successful tour! That wisteria is gorgeous. what a lovely thing to have a plant fro your aunt, and now you will always think of her when you see it! Jeannine

  14. I'm so glad you survived the tour. Those tours are grueling. I'm supposed to have people here from my garden club in June. I'm going to need help to get there. I think woodland phlox is one of the best plants ever. I am slowly spreading it all over the garden.I've never seen white wisteria either. It is a special plant made all the more so by getting it from your aunt.~~Dee

  15. I enjoyed all 9 gardens and took over 900 pictures from the time I left home at 9 until the last garden was finished at 6. The Fowler's were gracious to entertain those who made the long trip out to see their garden. I'm getting owners names on each and need to convert from RAW to JPEG. I'm getting off work late this week and I'm having to move Encores and natives away from the destruction around my screen porch. I'm glassing it in and putting a deck in front of it. I'll send you the sharing link soon as I can. Enjoyed it greatly. Glad I dropped back on Sunday to get a better picture of you and Michael. Some things were bloomed out better. Mary

  16. I am glad everything went well for you, but I think you had plenty of blooms to show off. The tour coming to my garden is coming by a caravan of mini vans and is not an all day affair, thank God! My employees have informed me that I will be hosting a party after the tour is over, whether I like it or not.

  17. Oh good, I'm glad to hear that everything went well! I knew it would. You may think you didn't have many blooms, but it sure looks like you did to me!


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