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Persian Shield

Persian Shield ( Strobilanthes dyeriana ) is an annual with striking iridescent foliage. I used to grow it in a pot but haven't purchased it in years. This year, I wanted something for a pop of color in our shady border and decided to give it a try in the ground. Here it gets dappled sunlight but mostly shade. This, along with moist soil, suits the plant best. A native of Myanmar (Burma), it grows naturally in tropical areas and becomes a small shrub. It can also be used as a houseplant. This is a plant that always gets lot of comments. Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy

Yoshinos are blooming

The Yoshino Cherry trees are blooming and buzzing with bees.
Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Beautiful! It's about time! So ready for warm weather!!

  2. I've noticed quite a lot of movement in the bushes round here - bees and other pollinators too.

  3. Just beautiful! Would like for Limestone Master Gardeners to visit your garden again this year ...When roses/hydrangea are blooming. Can we schedule that with you. Is first to middle of May good time?

  4. Edith, the middle of May should be perfect.


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