Snow Day

After weeks of near hits and misses, we finally got our snow day. And it was a significant one. We got about 3 inches but areas to the south of us got up to 10 inches. It arrived late in the day and continued through the early evening. It is beautiful. However, I guess I am just getting old but I had no desire to get out in it. In fact, all of these photos were taken from the windows inside the house! 

The sun is out this morning and it is falling off the trees. I suspect it will be gone by this afternoon. I still do not want to get out in it. These photos will have to suffice!

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Your garden is pretty in any season.

  2. Gorgeous, especially the night shot! We got no snow this winter.

  3. Beautiful pictures Phillip. Snow is beautiful but ready for it to go!

  4. I am not a fan of snow but your photos are lovely, especially the one through window screen which is how I watch severe weather.

  5. Welcome to my world. I have hopeful to see the ground after weeks of snow cover. Lucky you getting to stay in during a snow day. Those are the best days. I bet you cooked up something delicious. Love seeing your garden from your windows.

    1. I can imagine that will would soon get old!

  6. Your garden looks marvelous in its winter finery.


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