Rosy close-ups

"Sweet Chariot"

"Petite Pink Scotch"



"Buff Beauty"
Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. That last one looks like the roses we used to make out of crepe paper. All very pretty.

  2. Oh yum yum yum, it's rose season again! I am waiting for the very first bloom of the season to open! I love all of yours, but I think 'Sweet Chariot' is my favourite.

  3. Wow, these roses are gorgeous! My roses are just starting, so I hope for some beauties. I'm fighting Rose Rosette disease her, and I'm afraid they will all succumb eventually. Wouldn't that be awful?

    1. Robin, yes it would! I had a few roses get it a few years ago. Fortunately it did not spread. As soon as you see it, get rid of the rose!

  4. Really pretty! I love the color of Buff Beauty. By the way, regarding your comment on my recent post, some of my mop heads are not blooming well, either. I do believe it was the harsh winter - two years in a row - that may be the culprit.


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