Bloom Day

This is a half-hearted attempt as a bloom day post. Today is a blustery, wet and stormy day as we await the approach of a major storm approaching the Pacific NW. There was a tornado on the coast of Oregon yesterday. We have just had lots of wind and rain. It is a good day to stay inside and put on a pot of soup which I plan to do!

As soon as the weather clears up, I plan to clean out the vegetable garden, finish trimming the laurel hedge and continue planting new plants in the garden. All of the blooming flowers still look great. I was surprised and excited to see the delphinium bloom again.

Sumac 'Tiger Eyes', Salvia chiapensis and delphinium.

 It took a long time for the marigolds to take off but once they did, they have showed no signs of stopping.
Marigolds and nasturtium

Sedum 'Autumn Glory'

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Now, on to the soup!

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Good to see your garden... MMmmmmmm soup looks yummy. Now you have made me hungry. Happy GBBD.

  2. Your garden photos show the changes of the season beautifully. Hope you weather the storm OK.

  3. Yes, we're soup-eating fiends here in this house, it's one of the best things about our fall and winter weather. That second storm totally fizzled out here, hope you made it through ok.

  4. The Marigolds and nasturtium picture is inspirational. I love orange in the garden. Your success with the Delphinium makes me a little jealous: I can never get them past the slugs :-)

  5. A stormy day is perfect for soup, and yours looks yummy! Your garden is lovely. I am looking forward to seeing your Pacific NW spring!

  6. Lovely fall colors in your garden! I've read about the storms in Oregon; hope you're staying safe and dry. A pot of soup on a stormy day sounds perfect.

  7. Love the delphinium and the marigolds. The soup has things in it that I would choose. It is unusual for the PNW to have tornados, isn't it?

    1. Jean, yes it is. There was one last year - maybe this is a new trend? I hope not. I had my fair share of them in Alabama.

  8. Well, the plantings look great, but that soup looks DELISH!

  9. Your soup looks awesome. Recipe please? :)

    As for the garden, it's nice to see such lush photos. It's been a very hot, dry late autumn in Tennessee...


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