The Redwoods (Northern California)

A few weeks ago, I got to see the Redwoods in northern California, something that I have wanted to do my entire life. When we moved here in 2016, I thought that northern California would be not be too far away. Well, Oregon is a big state and looks much smaller on a map. The trip is actually around 9 - 10 hours. When friends of ours invited me to go earlier this year, I jumped at the chance. 

We stayed in some charming cabins in Miranda, California, right on the edge of the redwood forest. The redwoods did not disappoint. They are simply incredible and it is impossible to convey their magnitude in photographs.

Redwoods grew naturally in many locations across the Northern Hemisphere but climate changes and other factors decreased their numbers significantly and today you only find them along a 40 mile wide and 450 long coastal strip in southern Oregon and northern California. Sadly, a huge number of trees were lost to logging.

The trees are so large that they live in three climate zones at once - the base, the stem and the crown all experience different conditions.

Dead trees are numerous but they play a significant role in the health of the forest as they provide plant material, water and organic matter to foster new growth. It can take up to 400 years for a tree to completely decay.

Animal life also exists high up above in the canopy of the trees. A bird called the Marbled Murrelet nests in the trees. They are rarely seen because they fly to the ocean very early in the morning and return late at dusk. Flying squirrels are also active during the nighttime hours.

I am not sure what Odette thought about all of this.
Todd stands at the base of one of the giants.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. They should be national treasures. It is an awe inspiring scene when you get to stand among them. Lucky you. You did a fine job capturing these images. I can almost smell them.

  2. What an amazing experience this must have been. I too was surprised at the distances when I first moved here. I thought I'd be going down to Portland a lot more often, and to California. Thanks for sharing your photos.

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