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June Roses

'Dublin Bay' with lupine and Clematis 'Jackmanii Superba' on our front gate I hope the colors in my rose photos come out okay as I suffered an accident involving a tree limb and my eyeball. Day one was agony (and of course it would happen on a Sunday) but I am feeling better today and after seeing my eye doctor this morning, I feel a lot better. It actually happened on a good weekend as the weather is too hot to be working in the garden. I decided to work on photos I've taken over the past few weeks to recuperate and escape the heat. Of course, that involves working on the computer and in Gimp in which great eyesight is needed. Bear with me! 'Lady of Shalott' The roses got off to a late start this year because of the cool spring. It has also been wet which has encouraged black spot. Powdery mildew doesn't seem to be as bad this year.  'Alchymist' 'Mary Rose' 'Marie Pavie' 'Lady Emma Hamilton' 'Gertrude Jekyll' bei

Laura Scott's Garden

Following the garden tour last Saturday, the gardeners who were on the tour got together for snacks, drinks and recovery. We met at Laura Scott's garden, who lives just a few miles from our house. I had not seen her garden before and it was a treat. Despite living so close, her house and garden is like being in the country. Very quiet, bucolic and big!

Laura has an artistic eye and she is very good at creating vignettes. The garden is a series of rooms with a vegetable garden, herb garden, perennial and shrub border, a mini-pond and the list goes on. And I just remembered there is an orchard and a peony field!

The photo above and below show the water feature. I absolutely love Clematis recta - a new plant to be on the look for!


Another plant that I loved was the pink Bowman's Root (Gillenia trifoliata 'Pink Profusion'). I have the white-flowered variety but didn't know that a pink variety existed. 

One plant that I'm vaguely familiar with but rarely see is the Gas Plant (
Dictamnus albus).

Pineapple Broom (Cytisus battandieri)

Rose 'Kateryna'

Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis russeliana)

A sea of thyme in the herb garden

Did you see the cat in the window?

Thank you Laura for a tour of your wonderful garden!

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. A massive garden! And you are right, there are many wonderful vignettes throughout. The slightly stressed sedum Angelina in a pot, or the potted chartreuse bamboo... great artistic combinations.
    I can't tell if it is a rusted shelf or a bench in the photo, but I want it! :-D

  2. A peony field? I think I my husband and I may need to revisit our discussion of a move to the Puget Sound area...Laura's garden is absolutely fabulous.

  3. Wowza. Classic PNW garden. Looks like your area got a very rainy rainy season.

    Same reaction as Kris: a peony...field?!?!! I can only dream!

    1. hb, she used to raise peonies. Yes, we've definitely had a rainy season!

  4. Laura Scott has an excellent eye for garden vignettes. The potted short bamboo agains the rusty metal, the heat stressed sedum Angelina in the urn with glass orbs, the totally drool worthy rusted shelf, or bench. Inspired combinations!


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