Hillwood, the Marjorie Merriweather Post Estate

Here is another fabulous garden, also located in Georgetown, close to Dumbarton Oaks. Ms. Post apparently had enough money to feed a third world nation and the house is filled with Russian antiques and French porcelain. The gardens were immaculate and the best maintained of any gardens that I saw on my trip to Washington D.C. The majority of the plantings were azaleas which were not blooming of course. It has to be a most spectacular sight in the spring.

This is the driveway (yes, the driveway!)

Nice backyard

A pet cemetery

The French Parterre Garden - this was on the side of the house and Ms. Post had a view of it from her upstairs bedroom window.

The Rose Garden

A personal golf course!

This was one of the prettiest Japanese gardens I've ever seen. In fact, I've never really desired such a garden until I saw this one. It was very impressive, on a steep hillside, and tons of water. I kept wondering what size pump it would take to handle all that water.

Of course I loved the statuary -


  1. Wait, pet cemetery? Did you say "pet cemetery"? The garden has a pet cemetery?! Yikes!

    That Japanese garden looks very impressive. I have to go take some pictures of a secret Japanese garden in downtown San Francisco I heard about recently.

  2. Yes, there was a pet cemetery. It was a small circle with about 10-12 graves of pets.

  3. Wow, real tombstones for her pets. She's not buried there, too, is she?

    I have to agree with you on the Japanese garden. Now that's one worth cultivating!

  4. Mark me down as thinking the pet cemetery is a *fabulous* garden feature! You just don't expect a pet cemetery! Suddenly, I think if I had a big garden (really big) , I would like to have in it somewhere a small pet cemetery--even if it was fake.

    At the San Francisco Flower and Garden show this year, an exhibitor built a small landscape of poisonous plants, subtly adorned here and there with distressed tombstones.


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