Fall kaleidoscope

The leaves have turned here and the color is breathtaking. I took a stroll this afternoon and took some photos in and around my neighborhood.

This is the most colorful tree in my own garden at the moment - the red maple 'Autumn Blaze'

And some colorful shrubs:


Oakleaf Hydrangea

This beautiful maple is on the grounds of the university where I work -

I think this is one of the most beautiful trees in town but I got to it a little late. The color seems to glow -

This group of maples is on the back side of a dentist's office -

And here is a pretty one in a bank parking lot -


  1. I love the gold and orange maples. Thanks for sharing, from one of the fall-foliage deprived.

  2. Fall-deprived!! That's the term for those who live in Austin, although we do have a few reddish crepe myrtle leaves here and there.

    You have some wonderful fall views, Phillip... the group of maples is especially lovely. Thank you!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Phillip, if my maple looked like yours, it would be the pinnacle of success for me! I know what you mean about the color on some of the trees seeming to glow - I remember that from a fall trip back East once. I was astounded!

  4. This is in Alabama? I'm so surprised to see so much color. Absolutely STUNNING! Thanks for taking the time to go around and photograph these beautiful trees in all their splendor.

  5. Wow what great color!!! Most of the trees around here didn't have great color. Some out did themselves but others were so so. Thanks for sharing!!


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