Film recommendation - 'Miss Potter'

Life at my house has been very hectic lately so I haven't had much time to watch anything but Sunday night I saw one that affirms why I love movies so much. I hesitate to use the word "charming" to describe "Miss Potter" but it seems to be the most appropriate adjective that comes to mind. I didn't know anything about the life of Beatrix Potter but the film sure peaked my interest and I found myself Googling her after it was over. This is a beautiful film, lovingly made, with gorgeous English countryside views. Renee Zellweger is excellent in the title role and Ewan MacGregor and Emily Watson are wonderful in supporting roles. The film focuses on Potter's romance with her publisher (played by MacGregor) and her later interest in purchasing up land in the Lake District for conservation purposes. It is a film full of innocence and manners that reflect a bygone era that seems so incredible today. A wonderful diversion - go rent it!


  1. "Charming" is the perfect word, Phillip - I think Carol from May Dreams told me to see this movie and I'm glad she did.

    Did you watch any of the extras on the disc? I like to see movies in the theater, but enjoy the background information and commentaries on the DVD's.

    It was a little disappointing to read that Miss Potter's parents belonged to a religious group that didn't celebrate Christmas - those Christmas scenes were so gorgeous! But that's okay - we can enjoy it as a movie, not a documentary or biography ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Annie, I did watch some of the extras but I don't recall the part about her parents not celebrating Christmas.

  3. That might have come up from the IMDb - guess I can't remember because like you, Phillip, I was so intrigued with Beatrix Potter that went a little nuts reading things online.


  4. This one is on my list, Phillip. We're getting into DVD watching weather (when I can't garden!). I've heard many good things about this movie from Annie and Carol and others. Like Annie, I love watching the extras on DVDs and I've gotten to the point where I prefer DVDs to going to the theater to see a movie. Thanks for another heads-up, sounds like I'm in for a treat!

  5. Thanks for reminding me that this movie was produced. I remember hearing about it before it came out and I really want to see it. I adore Renee Zelweger and as Miss Potter was a contemporary of A.A. Milne and I collect early copies of his Pooh works, this is of interest to me in that respect as well. Oh, and our youngest daughter has a pet name from me - HuncaMunca. :-)


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