Nashville Garden Show

Yesterday I attended the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show. There were over 20 landscaped displays, lots of vendors (most were garden related but some not) and speakers. I practiced restraint and all I bought was a little bay tree for $7.50. I was excited to hear Helen Dillon speak - she gave a slide show on her garden and it was wonderful!

(Click on the images for larger views)

You might have to look closely to see the flame shooting out of this water feature. I have to say I'm not too crazy about fire in the garden but I do love the urn.

This gazebo was my favorite - the roof was covered in mosses.

Waterfalls and water features were everywhere!

This was a large display and I could not get the full view. I liked the way they combined the plants. It was very creative.

Another impressive water feature. I kept wondering how they managed to get these boulders inside the building.

I was a little disappointed in the plants. It seemed that everyone used the same plants over and over again. Lots of conifers, azaleas and Japanese maples!

Now this display was different. The entire lawn area is covered with thyme and the herbs are planted in troughs.

Orchids anyone?

One room was filled with flower arrangments -

I really liked this one -

Someone got creative with a tire and forsythia -

And finally, Helen Dillon's program

And I got my photo taken with her! :)


  1. I heard Helen Dillon speaks a few years ago. She was very entertaining and quite down to earth. I really enjoyed her talk and slide.

  2. Lucky! I loved her book, and her presentation must be great also. You showed lots of photos but left out the most crucial part, what did you buy???

    Frances at Faire Garden

  3. Great tour of the garden show, Phillip. Exactly what did you buy that you're not telling us ?

  4. LOL, all I bought was a little bay tree for $7.50!

  5. That's looks like it was a lot of fun! Great pictures Phillip. I really need to get out more. From the looks of it I'm missing out on a lot of stuff. I needt to get to one of these shows.

  6. That's a pretty impressive show, Phillip - very dramatic use of stone. It was interesting to see the herbs growing in troughs like ours, except we have silver pony foot and sedum in the quarter-round instead of thyme.

    I only know Helen Dillon from seeing her on the Victory Garden and from her website... nice photo of you two!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. Thanks for the shots from the Nashville show. I'll have to add it to my list of to do's next yera.
    Rees Cowden
    No Brown Thumbs

  8. Thats very impressive natural stone work, the water feature has to have a huge pump to move that kind of water. I loved your hardscape and waterscape pictures.


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