The hydrangeas are a bloomin'

Last year was a disappointment for hydrangea lovers when the late freeze nipped all the blooms. This year they are glorious. Michael is the hydrangea lover in this family and we probably wouldn't have as many if it wasn't for him. I have to admit though that I really love hydrangeas more than I used to. I really can't think of a more versatile shrub (they will perform well in various degrees of light situations) and they are colorful and dramatic in the landscape. All that, plus they are easy to care for.

We have hydrangeas all over our garden but the majority of them reside under a massive pecan tree.


The same border from the opposite direction (looking towards the secret garden). The foliage on the right is the variegated dogwood 'Wolf's Eyes'


The same border, from the top of the hill, near the patio.


Inside the secret garden, the old stand-by 'Nikko Blue' is in full bloom while 'Annabelle' is just getting started.


And now for some close-ups. This is 'Harmony,' and oakleaf whose blooms are so big that they nod to the ground.






'Tokyo Delight'


Michael's favorite, 'Purple Tiers.' Last year, it was purple and this this year it is pink as can be. That is the weird thing about hydrangeas - they can be pink or blue depending on your soil conditions.


This is my favorite, 'Lilacina.'


I love because it has both blue and purple colored blooms, which I'm sure is due to the soil conditions.



  1. Beautiful hydrangeas. Mine also change color from year to year, though they seem to be going more toward the pink hues lately.

    Always Growing

  2. I must say that hydrangeas would be in my top three if I had to rank my plants. I like 'Purple Tiers' also, but I had to move mine last year because my 'Bluebird' was overcrowding it. Alas, it did not survive the drought. It had a deep blue color that reminded me of a blank TV screen. I am teaching a class at work on Hydrangeas in a couple of weeks, and I like the topic so much that it is one of the few classes that I don't have to read notes for.

  3. I love both your favorites. Well, really, I love them all!

  4. It seems as though you garden just goes on for ever and ever. I love all the hydrangeas!

  5. Now that's what mophead Hydrangeas are supposed to look like. How fun that you get different colors in your Hydrangea blooms. All my non-white ones just bloom pink. (Which is OK, but blue & purple is sublime.) I'm glad they're making up for last year's disappointment.

  6. What a wonderland of loveliness, Phillip! Lilacina is wonderful.

    We grew Annabelle and Hills of Snow in Illinois. I knew people in my old neighborhood who tried to grow hydrangeas with pink or blue flowers but the buds always froze over winter.
    They're seen occasionally here in Austin but take some pampering, it seems.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. You have no idea what a treat it is to visit your garden through your blog. Beautiful!!

  8. Phillip,

    This will be my third try to post! Something is going absolutely nutty with my cable line! But I love these beauties and can't grow them so I shall admire them from up here north of you! If I had to choose, well, it would be Purple Tiers.


  9. Nice pics, and I especially like Purple Tiers.

  10. Philip. Tell Michael I think it is spectacular. Do you use iron chelate to get the blue blooms? You have a "secret garden" how fun! I love the "giardino segreto" have you ever read Mapp and Lucia? if not, they are very funny books which feature a giardio degreto in them with lots madcap happenings.
    Also, the wall with the architectural fragments is terrific.


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