June Bloom Day

Hydrangeas make up about 90% of the blooms in the garden now (I posted those in an earlier post). I did find a few other blooms this morning. We had a good rain yesterday which was badly needed.

My first photo is for Randy and Jamie because I know they love daylilies. I took some photos of a beautiful red one but it didn't turn out that great so I'm not posting it. I don't know the names of our daylilies although I do have them written down somewhere.


This is a Red Yucca that I bought on impulse at Lowe's a few years ago.


One of my favorite perennials is Salvia 'Black and Blue' - I love this color in the garden.


Fleece Flower 'Red Dragon'


Coleus (I forgot to check the name)


Another coleus with Creeping Jenny (Michael stuck that redbird in it, it came from a flower arrangement that a friend sent me on my birthday).


Ivy and Purple Heart


What would be do without impatiens?


Rose of Sharon 'Blue Bird' which should have been pruned this year


Chaste Tree (Vitex)


Okay, a few more hydrangeas. This is one of the best - 'Veitchii'


'Geoffrey Chadbun'


To see what's blooming in other gardens, check out Carol's May Dreams blog!


  1. Wow, incredible garden and fabulous shots! Found you over at GBBD, garden touring from my couch...this is fun.

  2. Aren't you glad you bought that impulse yucca!

    Why do they call it a chaste tree? That
    makes me giggle. Like the other trees are slutty.

  3. You do amazing things with coleus, btw. I always think that's not a good plant for me, but when I see it here I want to reconsider.

  4. Ah, the vitex in full bloom. Only the jacaranda is prettier, I think. You make me miss my old, overgrown vitex with this picture, Phillip.

    Your other flowers are lovely too. Nice photos.

  5. Great shot of Salvia 'Black & Blue.' I grew that one as an annual a couple of years ago. I should get it again. Keep those Hydrangea photos coming. It is so wonderful to see them when they are so well grown.

  6. I am living hydrangeas through you! Ours will take another month to bloom but yours are just delicious! Love the Salvia 'Black and Blue'! Nothing chaste in my garden! LOL

  7. If 'chaste tree' makes Chuck giggle, what will happen when you tell him the other nickname is "monk's pepper"?

    The closeups are beautiful, Phillip but your mature, large plants in full bloom are what knock me over. What a gorgeous garden you have made!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. Phillip, what a great title for a blog and garden! These images are so peaceful and soothing. I love your macro lens images of the buds just opening. What type of camera do you use?

  9. what great shots...leaf man is my favorite!

  10. Chuck, I've read that the chaste tree gets its name from the fact that Athenian women used the leaves in their beds to keep themselves chaste during the feasts of Ceres.

    Sarah, my camera is a Nikon D50.

    Pam, I wish we could grow the Jacaranda tree. It is so beautiful in photos.

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog, and leading me to yours as a result. I really enjoyed my first visit.

  12. Thank you Phillip! The Daylily is lovely! Red is the hardest color for me to photograph. I had no idea that 'Red Dragon' would bloom. I have something to look forward to now. I'm sorry I'm just getting around to visit but I got five very nasty viruses from a garden site I visited and I'm just getting back up and running after re-loading the PC.

  13. Great flowers Phillip!
    I'm amazed how much father along yours are than mine!

  14. Hi Phillip, where to start? Your coleus pots are fantastic, we use the coleus in our containers also, it stands up well in the heat and needs no deadheading, most of the time anyway. The vitex is majestic, do the leaves have a scent? Why would they discourage romance? The hesperaloe is a wonderful plant, you made a wise impulse buy. Your garden is a favorite of mine, with mature specimens of choice plants, well done!

    Frances at Faire Garden

  15. Beautiful, Philip. I love the hydranga with the statuary. The pots look great. I enjoy the color contrasts.

  16. Stunning as usual. Just as nice is the wall behind the ivy and purple heart. Did you paint that? I used to paint backdrops for photo shoots and did some interesting treatments similar to that wall.

  17. Phillip,
    You have been posting some lovely pictures lately. I can't believe that your Chaste Tree and Rose of Sharon (Blue Bird is my favorite RoS, BTW) are blooming. Those are like a month away for us.

    I planted a lot of Black and Blue this year and so far I have really been enjoying it.

  18. What a beautiful garden you have! I like that vitex tree, especially.

    You asked about my shrub clematis... I picked it up at a nursery on impulse, didn't even no such a plant existed. It does have to be held up by a large hoop, otherwise it just flops over, but it will have blooms on it most of the summer, and those beautiful seed heads that clematis have.

    Thanks for joining in for Bloom Day.
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  19. Hi there Philip, what great captures from your garden :-D

    I love to see so many new gardens on GBBD. Your garden looks like a great place to be in and you have some wonderful plants - many new to me :-D

    Have a great weekend :-D

  20. Phillip, thanks for the info. I'm leaning towards the Nikon.

  21. Great picture of the Vitex. I've just decided not to use it on a terrace because of its urge to, um...grow?

  22. HI PHILLIP, I love all your photos. The garden looks great. You must spend a lot of time in it. I use coleus also. They are so versatile & easy care. Now the question---Where in the world did you find the Leaf Man in the pot with the coleus?

  23. Lola, the leaf man came separately. He was a gift and I'm not sure where he came from.

  24. Phillip,

    As always your garden is a delight! You do a great job with containers and I do love your painted wall!


  25. Wow! Gorgeous garden!


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