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Vicki Green's Garden

Vicki Green's garden is one of the neatest and most immaculate gardens I've seen and it is a showcase for beautifully grown plants as well as art objects (she is a glass artist). The property was once wall-to-wall grass and now just a central portion is devoted to the green. A long pathway leads you around the perimeter of the garden adorned with lush plantings. Vicki is a master at pruning and her technique reminds me of the way Michael does it. She has trained many of her "shrubs" into small trees, such at the waxleaf privet and elderberry. A Wax Leaf Privet ( Ligustrum japonicum ) trained into an attractive small tree. I was taken aback by the size of the plants, some of which I grow, and my mind was racing. Driving up, I was immediately wowed by her 'Golden Spirit' Smoke Bush ( Cotinus coggygria ) although now I do recall seeing a very large on 117th St. However, this one is the most beautiful I've seen -   I also was surprised to see how large her 

A touch of the whimsical

This month's topic at Gardening Gone Wild is whimsey and I have to say, I almost skipped it because I don't feel that there is a great deal of whimsey in our garden. I've been running across things though and I would think, "That might be considered whimsical" and decided to join in. Some of these objects probably don't fit the category at all but I threw them in for good measure. For a better look at things whimsical, check out some of the links on the GGW blog.

First of all, I'm a huge fan of statuary, plaques, ornaments, birdfeeders, wind chimes, you name it. A few years ago, during a trip to Mentone, Alabama, we found a wonderful little shop that sold unique handmade items. This wind chime is made with forks and spoons - perfect for the vegetable garden, no?

They also had these cute little things made from broom handles

I did a presentation on hydrangeas for the Master Gardener's a few years ago and this is what they gave me. I believe this was made by an Alabama artist.

Our garage wall is adorned with plaques from our various trips and vacations.

More bric a brac on the garden wall

The chandelier that I discussed in an earlier post

On a similar note

Wind chimes again. A good thing to know - Target carries Smith and Hawken merchandise!

Cute little bunny hiding in the ivy

I love faces!

I have an affinity for Pan and the mythological story. Plus he's such a sexy dude.

You better believe it!


  1. Looks fantastically whimsical to me:). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Phillip,
    Everything looks great!I'm not really a whimsical person when it comes to the garden either. Our mermaid it probably the only thing we have right now. I think my favorite is the chubby little Pan. I can't wait to visit and see it all in person.

  3. I love your whimsical touches! Chandeliers just belong in some gardens and yours are fun. There are too many favorites but I will tell you O love your purple wall and think it is not only whimsical but artistic.gail

  4. I love your garden art, especially the cups and silverware. Our windchimes aren't moving much today--the atmosphere is downright soupy--but I imagined a breeze coaxing music from yours and I flet a little cooler. Beautiful stuff, Phillip.

  5. I love your whimsy!
    Looks really tastefully placed...

    Noticed elsewhere you are in the market for a new Rain Gauge. They have nice (inexpensive) Rain Gauges at Cracker Barrel. You may want to check there for one…

  6. You appear to have lots of whimsy in your garden. I really like the Pans. I like faces in the garden too.

  7. Hi Phillip, you have loads of whimsy it looks like to me. I love the display on your garage, I also love the garage itself, complete with window box. Your wall is magnificent, you have decorated it well. It all fits in with your mystical garden, dripping with flowers and foliage. I would love to see your garden someday, but for now, keep posting lots of pics!

  8. I like the bird house. That is high comedy. Want one!

  9. Phillip, I really love your garden! Randy and I were just talking the other day about how jealous of you guys that we are... we need more property! LOL... We would seriously be dead broke if we did though... for real... Anyways, looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks...

  10. You have TONS of whimsy in your garden. Love the garden wall and rusty flower you were gifted.

  11. What a fantastic garden. Whimsical is definitely a great word to describe it. LOVE the garden wall photo.

  12. LOL - I have no clue why you thought you didn't have any whimsy in the garden! It's wonderful. I LOVE the silverware windchimes & the chandeliers. (I almost bought that Smith & Hawkin watering can windchime.)

  13. The chandelier looks great in your garden, Phillip - this is such artistic whimsy!

    Maybe one reason you can integrate such a large number of interesting items within your design is that your shrubs and trees and plants aren't little saplings and bundles of twigs and starter perennials....your plants have substance and lush volume, so the ornamentation doesn't overpower the plants but adds fun to the scene. I can't do it, but I can admire it!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  14. Love your face planter and you reminded me I forgot about the bird house and the wind chimes for the whimsy post...oh and the bench...what you miss when you see it every day!

  15. I think you have tons of whimsy. I'm always so impressed by your gardens..the work you've done is amazing. It's a place I'd like to sit and drink tea in.

  16. Not much whimsy, hmm, Phillip? It has a way of creeping into just about any personal garden, I suspect, and it's certainly made itself comfortably at home in your space. You have many fun touches, but I think my favorite is the face with the dichondra hair - what a great plant choice!

  17. I really enjoy reading your blog and the garden art is so well placed. I especially like the wind chimes. You most certainly have a green thumb!

  18. A couple of years ago I attended a lecture given by the well-known plant hunter and nurseryman, Dan Hinkley, in southern CT, a rather uptight, straightlaced area if ever there was one. His last slide was of a little ornamental garden sign which read 'Every time you plant a flower, a fairy is born'. He ended his lecture with the words "And if you think we don't have an agenda, then think again."
    It was all the more hilarious for being totally unexpected.

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  20. What lovely decorations! It's like a fantasy garden come to life. I wouldn't be surprised if an actual fairy shows up! Have you tried adding a wind spinner in your garden? I think it's adds a nice touch.

  21. I think its just the right amount of whimsy! I am with you on the pan statues. It was almost what I got, on the top of the list. I also sort of like the faces, though right now the tree trimmers knocked the head off of one of my smaller statues by accident, and it looked so cool I just left it wear it fell. My neighbors think it is creepy :)


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