August bloom day

August in Alabama is usually not fit for man nor beast but this past week has actually been cooler and the humidity is down. This is my last week off before heading back to work next week and I've got a lot done in the garden this week. Here is what is blooming in the garden -

Double Rose of Sharon

We got a little rain on Tuesday and the Rain Lilies burst into bloom

PeeGee Hydrangea

Pineapple Lily

Rudbeckia loves the August heat. I just bought some more plants this week -

Obidient Plant

The rest of the blooms this month come from container plants -


Crown of Thorns

Fan Flower

Ornamental Pepper

Be sure to visit Carol's May Dreams blog to get links to other gardeners blooms this month!


  1. I keep waiting and watching for my pineapple lily to bloom but so far there is not even a hint of blooming. Enjoyed your GBBD post.

  2. Lovely flowers, as usual. The Rose of Sharon is so pretty. Such a great color.

    Always Growing

  3. I just love those little Rain Lilies. I wish they were hardy here. Your last container is great with the Greek key design. Oh, and the plant in it is pretty nice too. :^)

  4. We have been enjoying some of that Canadian air as well. It has been unusually nice for August. Myself and Cosmo also did the Crown of Thorns. Great minds.....

  5. Oh, yeah, it's been a gardening week--absolutely lovely weather. And I love to see your Crown of Thorns! Do you know the Latin name of the fan flower? I was sure I did, but I can't find it in any of my books (something starting with s-c-a . . ?)--my hummingbirds love it, but I can't count on my grocery stores to stock it in their hanging baskets every year.

  6. Cosmo, the Latin name for fan flower is Scaevola saligna. You can't beat it for summer long blooms. I'm not noticed any hummingbirds around mine but I'm sure there are there when I'm not looking.

  7. Hi, Phillip, thanks. I have it in a hanging basket outside the front window, and the hummers check it out a couple of times a day. Have a great week.

  8. Hi Phillip, I'm glad your heat and humidity is down too. Our weather has been very September like. We even got some rain. Speaking of, I really like your rain lilies. Happy Bloom Day.~~Dee

  9. The Pineapple Lily is interesting.

  10. My neighborhood is still dry but some parts of Austin had rain - you may be having a rough summer too, but it sure doesn't show in your photos, Phillip!

    The yellow rainlily is especially nice. Are the Naked Ladies done flowering for this year?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  11. It took me a few days to get here to see your blooms but it was worth the wait. As always, you have some great flowers in your garden.

    You asked me about the Hydrangea 'Tardiva', if it is in sun or shade. It's on the west side of my house, so it gets afternoon sun. However, looking at them this evening, I noticed that one is blooming nicely, the other not so much. I'm not sure the difference, they are about 15 feet apart, but both on the westside. So, I'd say they do benefit from some sun to bloom well.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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