Thank you Fay!

After months of frustration with no rain (and when there was rain, it always skipped our neighborhood), we finally got some relief yesterday. The rains from Fay arrived around noon and it rained non-stop until late in the night. Fortunately we didn't get any severe storms with the rain although there were tornado warnings and watches in south Alabama. I walked around the garden briefly this morning and didn't see any limbs or debris, just soggy leaves everywhere.

So how much did we get? I'm not sure because I need a good rain gauge. I got a nice fancy one for Christmas last year with a copper tube that floats up as water fills it, but as Leslie Jordan says in 'Sordid Lives', "It ain't a working!" The weird thing is I can't seem to find a plain old rain gauge anywhere, not even at Wal-Mart. I did see one at Lowe's but it also has a thermometer attached to it. I never expected that finding a good one would be so difficult. So I guess I'm gonna have to shop online to find one. Right now we are just thankful that we got some much needed rain and can take a break from all that watering.


  1. Yeah the rain! It is missing us. I got my little rain gauge from a nursery for about $7. It is large so I can see it easily and I have close to the front door. You do need one but I bet Fay gave you enough rain.

  2. I have seen nice gauges at Cracker Barrel and Tractor Supply.... We have two and compare the levels. So far we have only had 1 and half inches from Fay but she is still hovering around us so we should get a bit more today and tomorrow....

  3. Ah, that rain sounds so blissful. I went home and watered at lunch. If I can remember the rain gauge I saw a while back I will let you know.

  4. Congratulations on your rain. Fay (or what is left of her) is supposed to arrive here on Thursday. Fortunately for us, we have not had the drought of last summer, but we have not had a good soaking in several weeks either. What is really unusual is that we have only had a few days where the temps got to 90, and nothing over that. Global warming?

  5. I have to second that thank you! We got almost 3 inches over the last two days. We really needed it!

  6. SO happy to see the weather map showing rain drops falling on Alabama and other areas of the South.

    I have a very simple rain gauge that I bought for $2 at the supermarket . It even came with a little one inside it that had a spike so as to stick it in the lawn and measure the water delivered by the sprinkler.

    My farmer father used to call rain " poor man's fertilzer. " Bet your garden is much happier. Everything just seems to perk up after a good soaking rain.

  7. If it's any help, we got an inch and a half near Forest Hills School. And slightly less than a half inch the day last!

  8. We got two days of rain from Faye too. It drains off so fast though so no damage done.
    I just set out a few deep cups in one of my raised beds so they won't fall over, and that gives me a good idea of how much rain we had. Not scientific, but it works for me.

  9. Yipeeee Good for your garden Phillip. I can feel your relief.

    If you have a Tractor Supply or TSC store that the farmers in your area frequent they will have a rain gauge that works.

    The best rain gauge is your plants. THey will tell you if they need water or not. However it is fun to watch how much your actual garden gets.

  10. Funny you should write about needing a rain gauge; this is the first season where I have wanted one. Rain in Nashville is measured at the airport and we are 30 minutes from there and our weather is often different!

    Aside from that, I am happy that fay gave our gardens some much needed rain. The shrubs are all standing up and smiling!


  11. It's good to know you got rain, Phillip - and who knows where the next couple of storms will land.

    I think our raingauge came from Lowe's but they might be too busy preparing for the Christmas decorations to restock garden supplies.

    We don't have cable so I'd never heard of "Sordid Lives" until Iowa Victory Gardener talked about it a few days ago...apparently it's a rich source of quotes for all occasions!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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