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June Roses

'Dublin Bay' with lupine and Clematis 'Jackmanii Superba' on our front gate I hope the colors in my rose photos come out okay as I suffered an accident involving a tree limb and my eyeball. Day one was agony (and of course it would happen on a Sunday) but I am feeling better today and after seeing my eye doctor this morning, I feel a lot better. It actually happened on a good weekend as the weather is too hot to be working in the garden. I decided to work on photos I've taken over the past few weeks to recuperate and escape the heat. Of course, that involves working on the computer and in Gimp in which great eyesight is needed. Bear with me! 'Lady of Shalott' The roses got off to a late start this year because of the cool spring. It has also been wet which has encouraged black spot. Powdery mildew doesn't seem to be as bad this year.  'Alchymist' 'Mary Rose' 'Marie Pavie' 'Lady Emma Hamilton' 'Gertrude Jekyll' bei

Majestic Splendor in Asheville: The Biltmore Estate

 We've been to the Biltmore House and Gardens on numerous occassions in the past but it has been over 10 years so we were excited to visit it again, this time with the garden bloggers at the Asheville Fling. We did not tour the house this time (although we had that option). Most everyone was interested in the gardens, of course!

George Vanderbilt completed his 250- room Châteauesque-styled mansion in 1895, after six years of construction. The gardens and grounds were designed by the noted landscape architect of the day, Frederick Law Olmsted.

I love the three mile "approach road" to the estate, a winding peaceful drive with native plants, mountain laurel, azaleas and bamboo bordering the road. Guests arriving at the estate in its heydey took this journey by horse and buggy and it took an hour to reach the house.

Garden features include a conservatory, rose garden, Italian garden, walled perennial garden, azalea garden, and a woodland walk ending at a large pond and waterfall.

Sorry for so many photos of the house but it is so much fun to photograph with so many outstanding views - 

The walled Perennial Garden with adjoining Rose Garden

The woodland walk that leads to the pond and waterfall
The pond with a beautiful brick bridge. If you've seen the film "Last of the Mohicans", there is a brief scene at the beginning of a carriage going across this bridge.

The Conservatory

Incredibly, I didn't take any photos of the rose garden!

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. I can't believe that you didn't take pictures of the rose garden. Of course your roses are to die for so at this time the Biltmore's roses may not have been so prolific. It is difficult to believe that any part of the Last of the Mohigans was filmed at the Biltmore. I totally missed that waterfall. Just another reason to go back some time.

  2. Thanks for sharing such great photos of areas that we didn't get to! I agree, the house just screams to be photographed!

  3. I love that bridge, the arch mirrored in the water, and I do remember that scene from Last of the Mohicans. As I recall, much of the last part of the movie was shot on the trails at nearby Chimney Rock, one of my favorite hikes in the area.

  4. Every time I see pictures of the house and gardens, I think of the Don Knotts, Tim Conway movie 'The Private Eyes' filmed there. Our family visited right after the movie came out, and Mom had to talk to the employees there about the stars and find out all the dirt. I was surprised that the pond that they drove into though the arch at the house was actually so far away. Our last trip, Mom had to pinch off a piece of plant and we hauled it around in a cooler for several days. Amazingly it rooted and bloomed this past winter. Thanks for posting. Mary

  5. I've enjoyed the Biltmore a number of times and it was fun to see what you've shared here... wish I could have accompanied you all on this trip! Larry

  6. Gorgeous photos Phillip. I missed that bridge and waterfall. Guess I'll have to go back then! I found the history of the place to be fascinating.

  7. A castle! Lovely garden. I love the variety of plants.

  8. Your pictures make me want to return!

  9. I love the Biltmore Estate. A few years ago, we stayed at the Inn at Biltmore and spent several days there, taking our time, kayaking the river, walking the paths and hanging out.

  10. we love the biltmore. we went this past christmas, and my son just went last week on a school field trip. I am hoping when school lets out here that we can go back up - before the heat kicks in too bad. great photos.

  11. I will be visiting Biltmore (and Asheville) in September. Thanks for showing me what to look forward to. I know there are several tours available and I can't take them all in one day - any suggestions?

  12. I wish I'd followed you around, Phillip--I completely missed that waterfall and the brick bridge! I guess that means I'll have to go back again:)

    This was my first time ever to the Biltmore, and as much as I loved the gardens, touring the house left me in awe. The Biltmore is a national treasure; I'm glad the family is so dedicated to preserving its history. Your photos of it are beautiful!

  13. Swimray, if you can devote an entire day for the Biltmore, you can tour the house the first half and spend the remainder of your time in the gardens. There is a lot to see! I'm not sure if there are formal tours of the gardens but you can pretty much roam around them on your own.

  14. I can never see enough pics of the house and such great shots you have shared! We do hope to go back some time so we can stroll around a bit longer. While on a group tour, one can only see so much with time being a factor... Love this place...

  15. Philip,
    I grew up in Asheville. When I was a child we would go to the Biltmore many times and be the only ones there. I'm sure it's not like that now. Haven't been there in a little over 30 years but it is on our list of things to do in the next few years. So many things have changed in Asheville. When I did a drive-thru, spend one night last spring in some respects it didn't even seem like the same place I grew up.

  16. Such wonderful photos! We enjoyed hosting you and the rest of the bloggers at Biltmore - what a fun day.

    LeeAnn Donnelly


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