Yard n' Garden Land

I really should not be too surprised that there is a fantastic nursery close to our house. But to have one only six blocks away can only mean one thing - trouble.  I was aware of Yard n' Garden Land - the previous owner of our house had mentioned it and I had driven by the back of it on one of the numerous trips to one of our greatest Pacific Northwest discoveries - Burgerville. However, the back of Yard n' Garden Land, which faces 99th Street, is deceiving. There is a undistinguished sign and a mulch yard and that is about all you can see. To get to the entrance to the nursery, you have to turn onto a side street. 

After you enter the parking area which features an impressive array of pottery, you enter a spacious greenhouse filled with all kinds of goodies. Adjoining the greenhouse is a gift shop filled with everything a gardener could want. Outside the greenhouse are lots filled with trees, shrubs and conifers. 

Today was my third trip to Yard n' Garden Land. It was a beautiful day and I strolled though the entire place making notes on plants I like. I then go home and research them online and try to decide what I want the most. Our space is more limited so I want to make careful decisions. That is hard to do when you are impulsive and want everything. I wonder if there is a support group...

Roses! My first love and I have to confess, despite my yearning to grow plants that I could not grow in the South, I will not give up the roses. Yard n' Garden Land will be having a free seminar on rose growing this coming Saturday at 10am. I plan to be there.
Camellias are another favorite that I will not push aside. Michael and I were
astounded by the luscious red "Tom Knudsen."

I am excited about growing more conifers. Maybe it is in my Southern roots, but I really like pine trees. This jewel is Pinus contorta "Chief Joseph" and I want it badly. It is very expensive though. I believe the price tag was $130! I saw this growing at The Oregon Garden.

A weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

Another one for the wish list - Sumac "Tiger Eyes". Michael really likes this. I am not sure about it yet. I have read that it tends to sucker so the jury is still out.

I really like Japanese Skimmia (Skimmia japonica). I saw some
beautiful specimens when we were staying in Portland.
Ranunculus was one of the first plants I tried to grow (unsuccessfully) in Alabama. 

Beautiful geraniums

Euphorbias are very popular here.

Pansies and primroses

I think I like him.

So, my truck is supposed to be on the way tomorrow from Alabama and I hope to have it next week. Just in time! :)

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Oh my!!!! This is getting good!. Yes to Tiger Eyes! If you have a place. Unless you only have room for the crow! I really think you need him! Have fun Saturday! Can't wait to see your list!

  2. It's my local as well ! I was just there buying compost and two sweet Saxifriga .

    1. Cool! If you see a guy with his mouth hanging open, it will probably be me!

  3. Lovely plants! That camellia really is a stunner, and I am always jealous of how they get primroses in big flats in milder parts of the country, like in Europe. Here for some reason they are usually sold in oversized and at ridiculous prices as if they were hellebores or somethimg of the sort.

  4. Exciting times ahead for you! Next year y'all should make the trip to Seattle for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. I'm here until Friday and it is well worth the trip from Texas ... even if I can't grow most of the plants!

  5. My heart went pitty patter just seeing pictures of this place. I can imagine how you feel being there knowing that all of these garden goodies are within reach. Now if you wallet and space just cooperate. You have so much fun ahead. You have given me a bad case of the wants. It will be so much fun for you to grow things that you admired but couldn't grow in your AL garden. Enjoy the experience.

  6. I've been meaning to ask if they had given you a time frame for the arrival of your belongings. I'd be worried! We moved from Detroit to Columbus, and it was only three days, so three weeks would freak me out a bit. I'm glad to hear that your things may arrive soon.

  7. A neighborhood nursery...You're in trouble mister! Tiger eyes can sucker but mine has been in the ground for three years now and hasn't sent up a single sucker. If you're worried about that, it will grow very nicely in a pot. About that support group - If you find one, please let me know!

  8. Phillip, we are your support group!
    I've been drooling over Chief Josef for many years. The price tag is always high and lately I heard it's a bit temperamental. But I still love it, from a distance. I also love my euphorbias. Some may be too vigorous (not to say invasive), but as you are doing your homework reading up on them, you should be okay.


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