The World's Largest Camellia?

Of course it isn't but I marvel at the size of this camellia when I pass it on my way to work. I am not good at judging sizes but I am guessing that it is at least 20 feet tall? It is in the corner of someone's front lawn and you can compare it to the dogwood next to it and the house behind it. It is past it's prime in blooming but look at the number of blooms! I have never seen camellias bloom the way they do here. They just completely cover the bush (or in this case - tree). 

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. That is a doozy. It makes me wonder how old it is.??? I wonder if it was planted when t he house was built??

  2. That is huge. There are some freakishly large camellias in a garden I started working in last fall. Totally unexpected in WNC. I am pretty certain they are from the first release of the cold hardy camellia breeding program from the National Arboretum. Not only are they huge, they make fruit, set viable seed and have been self sowing in the garden.

  3. Incredible! (And a double-wow for Christoper C's comment. I'd like to see that. I have a couple of small camellias that were (of course) planted way too close to the house by the original builder (I presume). The proximity to the porch does help to protect them from Tennessee cold snaps and may have kept them alive, but your photo is a reminder of the folly of planting a tree-size plant just a few inches from a foundation!!


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