Little Baja

We rarely go to Portland anymore because the traffic and parking is so horrendous but we did drive over to visit Little Baja earlier this week. I had been a few times in the past but Michael had never been and he expressed interest after seeing it advertised on Garden Time every week.

If you are looking for pots (terracotta or concrete), statuary, fountains, etc., they have it!

We didn't expect to buy anything but of course we did. I am getting ready to take out the vegetable garden and replace it with a patio and courtyard area. I wanted to add a water feature in that area and we came across a large bowl (the man at the store called it a "bonsai bowl") and it was close to what I was envisioning. We did not buy the fish, which we separate, but Michael liked them. Me, not so much.

I saw lots of other great items as well, like these outdoor fireplaces and grills  -

I am a sucker for statuary but have so far controlled myself in the new garden.

And lots of terracotta!

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Nice water feature basin you got there--will be interested to see how you place it in your garden.

    The row of pig-pots with their ears all doing something different, cute!

  2. Darn, so far away from me. The real Baja is closer, but doesn't have a collection like this! Besides, speaking of traffic, there is the border crossing. I can always find a place for more Talavera.

  3. I haven’t been there for years, in fact I don’t think they had concrete planters the last time I visited. I love the bowl you bought!

  4. What a quirky and cool place. I'm glad you found your fountain bowl. I remember when I found mine. It was just what I wanted.

  5. That bowl is inspirational. I can't wait to see your new area evolve. Those fish that Michael appreciated is a thing I have seen a lot of lately only they are usually ceramic. It is fun seeing them 'swim' through ground cover. I am proud of you for being able to resist the statues. I really like the god/goddess sitting with the knee up. I think they always look so elegant. Maybe in your new area you will find a spot for a statue. I like those terra cotta wall pockets. You wouldn't even have to plant them. Lots of fun stuff there.


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