New Ginkgo Tree

This is the view outside our front window right now. I finally decided on the Ginkgo variety 'Princeton Sentry', which grows in an upright, conical habit. I think it provides some height and adds more definition to the area.

It just started changing color a few days ago and did it all at once, overnight it seems.

Notice the huge maple on the right across the street - it is absolutely stunning right now especially when the late evening sun hits it. It absolutely glows.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Yes, your new Ginko fits in perfectly.

  2. A fabulous new addition! Happy new tree to you!

  3. What a fantastic view and congrats on your new addition. I love the shape of Ginkgo leaves, and "upright, conical habit" is so perfect for a smaller gardens. Wonderful choice.

  4. I love the colour changes in the trees. You are lucky to have a neighbor with a maple. Wish I had one! Groetjes,

  5. Excellent choice. They really light up on a sunny autumn day. That maple across the street will have some serious competition.


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