Matthew Hubbard's garden

Some photos of Matthew Hubbard's garden from last weekend's HPSO Open Gardens Tour. As always, it is a pleasure to see his garden which is full of beautiful peonies and lots of other treasures.

Peony 'High Noon'

Embothrium - I am so envious! I have one and after two years, it is still only about 8 inches tall. Maybe this year it will kick in and do something.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Those peonies are wonderful. What a beautiful garden--must have been fun to photograph.

  2. Oh my, that last peony peeking out of the border is huge. A lovely garden.

  3. Yes, Matthew's garden is so wonderful! I kicked myself a couple of years ago when the bloggers swap took place there and I neglected to take good photos to post. Thanks for reminding me of how gorgeous all those peonies are. I hope your Embothrium puts on some growth this year. I've heard they tend to languish at first and then put on a growth spurt.

  4. Thanks for the photos! I’ve been to Matthew’s but keep missing hid open gardens. Careful what you wish for, my Embothrium shot up so fast it blooms 10 or more feet up. The flowers are so high I can’t see them up close.

  5. Gorgeous flower in a beautiful garden. I've only seen it through bloggers' posts thus far. Those Peonies are so impressive I wish I had room for one of those beauties.


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