Hidden Gardens Nursery Going Out of Business Sale

Hidden Hills Nursery in Camas (about 10 minutes east of Vancouver) is going out of business. I had never been there before and visited it a few days ago. The 5 acre nursery is going to be torn down and a retirement facility built there. Sad. On the way up the hill to it, development was everywhere and the first thing we saw as we topped the hill were huge trees being cut down. It is happening all around us.

Everything is discounted from 40-75% off and I was surprised to see that there is still a huge inventory. Lots of very large specimens like conifers and trees.

Here are some nice sized Dove trees for 35.99 -

I don't have room for any large trees or shrubs but I had heard that there were lots of hydrangeas and there are some that I'd like to have. They did have a large collection but only a few varieties. They did have 'Bluebird' which I'd like to have and may go back for later. They also had lots of 'Lady in Red' which was also a favorite in our former garden. There were many paniculate varieties ('Pink Diamond', 'Quickfire').

If you need pots, you can get some great deals -

Some unique statuary as well -

Some stones and pavers left - I wish these had been available when I was working on the terraces -

I was more interested in these astounding boulders but I think they were actually on property next door to the nursery. Probably dug up to make way for more housing.

Other goodies -

I am not sure how long the nursery will remain open but you can check out their website for more details as well as some of the great bargains they have. 

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. Oh goodness, wish I lived closer. I am amazed you came away without something. You used great restraint no doubt.

  2. A liquidation sale is always a little sad but when it's a nursery going out of business, it feels worse. Had I needed a new tree I would consider the long drive south, but as it stands, my garden is full; I can only look and drool. I wonder what happens to unsold inventory?

  3. "Hydrangeas 40% off" - Oh, if only I were there!


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