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Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - September 2021

Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel' Last week I wrote about the joys of new Abba and Vera and this week there is more excitement - we have rain in the forecast! And the possibility of a good rain - at least one inch. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We are in dire need of it and I'm sure the plants would be overjoyed as well. Despite the drought, there are lots of blooms in the September garden. I will start with the container plants which get daily watering. Note to self - less containers next year. Two matching baskets hang on the pergola - they are filled with Begonia 'Bonfire' and Fan Flower ( Scaevola ). I don't remember the name of this begonia. I've overwintered it for the past two winters in the garage.   I tried to overwinter Hell's Bells ( Datura ) last year but it didn't make it. We liked it so much that I got another one this year. Oxalis 'Plum Crazy' Another beautiful begonia (a customer recommended this one) and an overloaded fuchsia at

A Conifer Inventory

Pinus mugo 'Aurea' (Mugo Pine)

Strolling through the wet garden today, I concluded that we have a lot of conifers. Most are still very small and this is not an exhaustive list. These are all in the front garden. I didn't photograph any in the back yet...

Cedrus deodara 'Feelin' Blue'

Chamacyparis O. 'Maiesii'

Juniperus conferta 'All Gold'

Picea abies 'Pusch' (Norway Spruce)

Picea orientalis 'Tom Thumb'

Pinus contorta 'Taylor's Sunburst'

Pinus longa 'Sherwood Compact'

Pinus mugo 'Valley Cushion'

Pinus parviflora 'Catherine Elizabeth' (White Pine)

Pinus strobus 'Nana Blue Shag'

Pinus sylvestris 'Hillside Creeper'

Sequoia sempervirens 'Kelly's Prostrate' (Prostrate coast redwood)

Abies pinsapo ‘Glauca’ (Blue Spanish Fir)

Tsuga canadensis 'MonKinn' 'Golden Duchess' (Eastern Hemlock)

Tsuga canadensis 'Monler' (Canadian Hemlock 'Emerald Fountain')

And there is this one which was here when we moved in. I moved it the first year. It was located next to the front foundation. I am not sure as to the identity.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. What a delightful cornucopia of evergreens. Each and every are charming in their own way. I really like the small norway pine with those little cones on it and the shaggy blue shrub. Nothing like giving me a bad case of the wants.

  2. You have some really lovely specimens! I admired Cedrus deodara very much when we first moved here, but I was afraid of how big it might get.

    1. Alison, this particular one is not supposed to get that big (4' I think).

  3. I adore conifers. They MAKE the northwest winter garden. There is such a verity of size color and shape I never tire of them. I can never name any of them, including the unnamed specimen you moved the first year. A couple of times I try to relocate a conifer, but it didn't survive. You should feel proud; your move seem to have been very successful!

  4. They're all gorgeous ! Did you get them from Y&G ?

    1. I just did a count and they all came from YnG except for five. The sequoia came from Gossler Farms and some of the larger plants (like the Spanish Fir) came from a nursery that is no longer in business. I bought a lot of things there before I even knew YnG existed.

  5. I followed a photo when researching Catherine Elizabeth and was pleased to find your lovely conifer collection. I have oodles of them. Two hopefully useful comments: I have a Kelly's Prostrate that is over 3' tall and 6-7' wide, from a 10" tall x 3' wide 10 gallon after 10 years. It's still growing several inches a year! And the yellow one at the end of your post looks just like my new Chamaecyparis lawsoniana "Treasure Island". Thanks for sharing your beautiful conifers with us. Steve

    1. Hi Steven, thank you! Oh my, I may need to consider moving Kelly's Prostrate if it gets that big. I had no idea!


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