Waiting for the Smoke to Clear

The week from hell continues! That windstorm that we got last Monday and Tuesday was just the beginning of a terrible week that seems to never end. The heat, drought and low humidity fueled wildfires all over the Pacific Northwest. Portland, just next door to us, has the worst air quality in the world. 

At first, the lighting took on a heavily filtered look that was eerie but not that intimidating. Notice the ominous clouds (this was taken last Wednesday evening) -

As the fires got closer, the light changed and everything was under a sickly orange haze (Friday) -

On Saturday, the smoke arrived and every day it just gets thicker. Taken yesterday -

Today seems a tad better but the air is still very unhealthy and we haven't seen the sun for three days now. The temperatures dropped dramatically and it has been downright chilly. We are not complaining about that though. We actually like it. Predicted rain for this evening (Monday) seems to be vanishing with every forecast (that happens a lot!) but the good news is that there is a slight chance of rain predicted for every day this week. 

The closest fires to us were at least 30 miles away - most were south of Portland. Many people in rural communities were affected and there were even some casualties. We are safe although who knows what lingering effects this smoke will have on people's health? I've experience some dizziness and light-headed periods and thought it was just low blood sugar but perhaps it is the weather conditions.

We are staying inside and have been watching "Agatha Christie's Marple" with Geraldine McEwan. Lots of beautiful colors, sets, architecture, gardens and costumes. It is gorgeous to look at and the acting is great too. It is a great way to take your mind off the news events happening all over the country now.

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


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