Open Garden


Our garden will be open through the HPSO Open Gardens Tour. The board has just relaxed the standards so no appointment is necessary.

Here are the dates and times -

Sunday, May 30 - 2pm - 7pm
Monday, May 31 - 10am - 7pm

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. I'm gonna try to get over to visit... I would love to see your garden again!

    1. It's a hot mess but hope you can make it!

    2. I doubt that very much (hot mess)... however since I severely sprained my ankle today shimmying down to the Salmon River off a trail and can barely walk, I'm afraid I am not going to make it.

    3. Oh no, I hope it heals soon. You can come anytime. I want to try and see yours too.

  2. If I wasn’t 3000 miles away, I would be there. Always love your posts. Lucky visitors­čśŐ


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