Thursday, April 10, 2008

I goofed...advice needed!

Well I think I've had made a huge blunder. Last year I did a landscape design for a lady who wanted to rip out her boxwoods and replace them with flowering shrubs. She asked me if I would like to have the boxwoods and since my foundation shrubs were really ratty, I accepted. Mind you, this was in August. I brought the mature boxwoods home, planted them immediately and proceeded to water them like mad (remember there was a drought last year). They survived but there was quite a lot of dead growth near the bottom. I decided I would try to rejuvenate them this year by cutting them back severely. A few days later, I read somewhere that boxwoods should not be pruned so drastically because they are such slow growers. Oops!

Now I'm stuck with this - dreadful, no?

I didn't cut back as much on the other side because of what I had learned - still, this is such a pathetic sight.

Now of course I'm just sick and can't decide if I should just pull them out and plant something else or wait, endure this ugliness and give them a chance.

My question to you is - what would you do?

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