April Bloom Day

Carol at May Dreams invites garden bloggers to show what is blooming in their gardens on the 15th of each month. We were under a freeze warning last night which brought back memories of last year's awful freeze. I covered a few plants but fortunately the temperatures stayed above freezing. I took these photos after I got home from work today.

The most spectacular blooms right now are on the Chinese Snowball (Viburnum macrocephalum). This shrub is 12 years old and is about 15 feet tall. The blooms are huge. I still haven't figured how to prune this baby.


Here is a different type of viburnum called 'Shasta.' The blooms are flatter and appear in tiers. It is a beautiful elegant shrub which doesn't have enough room in our garden to do it justice.

The only tulips in the garden at the moment are 'Maureen' which come back year after year.


The Lady Banks rose is stunning this year but it is hard to photograph.




Scilla or Spanish Bluebells. These have been here forever. I need to plant more.


I bought this variegated Jacob's Ladder last year. It is called 'Stairway to Heaven.'


Variegated Solomon's Seal


Euphorbia 'Despina'


The candytuft has been blooming for about a month now. It has never looked this good.


Clematis 'Josephine'


Clematis 'Nelly Moser'


Honeysuckle (Lonicera) 'Alabama Crimson'


A pretty red columbine

Burning Bush (Euonymus)


And last but not least, this azalea that I don't know the name of. My aunt gave this to me when my father died seven years ago. It was a florist's plant and I planted it, not expecting much but it has really surprised me.


  1. Awesome pictures and flowers.

  2. Your garden looks positively enchanted. I particularly like the statue with the white tulips. But all your blooms are magnificent!

  3. You have a fresh-looking spring garden with all those white and soft yellow flowers. I'm glad you don't shun azaleas. Every Southern garden needs at least one, IMHO.

  4. Wow, those pictures make the strongest case for Lady Banks Rose as any I've seen. Very nice.

  5. Wow, I am so happy to have stumbled onto your blog! Lovely!! I can not pick a favorite, everyone is fantastic. Your website has long been an inspiration to me!

  6. I agree with Chuck b., your photos of the Lady Banksia are making me drool with envy. You have it sited perfectly, dripping off of that lovely arbor. Your snowball is fantastic, are you supposed to prune it? We have lots of the same plants, but our clems are not open yet, but budded. Hope you didn't suffer any damage from the freeze. I haven't gone outside yet, it is still dark, to see what happened here. Your garden is a dream vision. It is hard to beat flowering trees and shrubs. New gardeners need to plant more of those first so they can mature into the type of beauty that your garden has, and wait on the smaller stuff.

  7. What a beautiful place this is, Phillip - full of bloom yet still serene. The viburnums are so lovely and all the colors harmonize so well!

    The variegated Solomon's Seal was a favorite plant in my IL garden...it's nice to see it in yours.

    Happy Blooming Day!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. Wow you garden is amazing. I love your lady banks rose it looks like a wonderful area where it is. Gorgeous I'm so jealous.

  9. Again, I'm sooo envious of your earlier than me flowers!

  10. We have alot of the same plants, however, my snowball doesn't look anything like yours. Do you give it special care? Is it in full sun? Thanks! Karen H

  11. Thanks for the comments. About that Lady Banks rose, this is the third try for me. Two previous plants died. It is very sensitive to cold weather. This one is in a sheltered spot.

    Karen H., is your snowball the same variety? Mine gets semi-sun. I've never done anything special to it. I think it is way too large and I'd like to prune it but I'm not sure how to do it. Michael Dirr suggested using a chain saw!

  12. Wow, Phillip, as I scrolled down through your post, I kept thinking "That's my favorite...no, *that's* my favorite...". In the end, I couldn't really pick a favorite, because they were all so beautiful. But I must say, that lonicera shot is truly amazing; it looks almost 3-D. Thanks for sharing your roses and all of the other beauties for Bloom Day!

  13. Wow... your azalea looks that full and lush in just 7 years? Must have some good karma due to the spirit in which it was given.

    That 'Lady Banks' rose is gorgeous.

  14. Those viburnum nearly take your breath away as does the rose. Your garden must be wonderful to be in right now.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  15. Oh my! That viburnum m. is stunning with all those huge blooms! Your garden is a delight! Love the long shots as they give a sense of 'place' to your garden. Isn't white elegant!

  16. Beautiful garden,Phillip!! We have so many of the same plants! The Vibernum is indeed spectacular right now. I always look forward to that bloom. The roses you have are beautiful. Your garden is done with taste and style. I look forward to reading your blog this year!

  17. Oh my, I thoroughly enjoyed your post and your beautiful blooms. Such a beautiful garden!!

  18. I think the photo of the Lady Banks rose was awesome- trying to capture all of those buds, but in your photo it looks like a wonderful shower of blooms coming down.

  19. That snowball viburnum is gorgeous. I think I shall have to try it. Most viburnums don't like our heat, but local nurseries are pushing this one, so I need to give it a try.

    Isn't Lady Banks amazing? Mine has been in flower for more than a month and is still putting out new flowers.

  20. phillip,
    Just back from out of town...your blooms are wonderful...the snowball is luscious....I feel like I am walking in a well tended and loved garden and I agree with Annie, it is serene.


  21. Wow...I hadn't been by in awhile, and now I wonder why! Your garden is just beautiful...great Bloom Day you had!

  22. Beautiful bloom day post, Phillip. My neighbor has the snowball viburnum. The way to prune it is right after it blooms, cut it back by a third to keep it in good shape.

    I am passing on the E for Excellent award to you so come visit me and collect it.

  23. Wow, I was just doing a search for variegated Jacobs Ladder because I have one that's blooming and I love it.... and came across your amazing blog. Very inspiring! Beautiful.


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