Plant Sale

If you are in the area tomorrow (Saturday), stop by the Plant Sale at the Farmer's Market (Cox Creek Parkway and Chisholm Rd.). This is a joint effort sponsored by the Shoals Beautification Alliance (Master Gardener's, Shoals Wildflower Society and the Men's Garden Club). All proceeds go to area beautification projects. We have ferns, hostas, native plants, perennials, shrubs and over 30 kinds of trees. Stop by and say hello - I'll be working the Shrubs section!


  1. Sounds like fun! Wish I could stop by, but it's a bit of a drive. ;-) Pretty cool that you have a "Men's Garden Club".

  2. I'll be by; let's hope the weather cooperates. We've gotten wonderful plants in the past; last year we were able to buy butterfly weed that actually grew! [Lots of credit goes to the person who transplanted it.] It's worth a trip to Florence if you're anywhere nearby - the plants are great, everyone's willing to give out helpful information, and the prices are really good.

  3. Hope your sale went well! I agree with Lisa pretty cool that there is a Men's Garden Club. I can count on one hand the number of men in the garden club I belong to. I think most of them just bring their wife to the meeting or they are widowed and looking for another wife! Whatever works.

  4. I think the sale was a success. I haven't heard yet how much money was made but there were a lot of people there and not many plants left.

    The Men's Garden Club is pretty active. I just recently joined. I wish there were younger guys in it - I think I'm the youngest and I'm no spring chicken. But everybody I've met is super nice.


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