Sunday, April 27, 2008

A rainy day stroll through the garden

A nice slow rain today so I took some photos. The roses are just beginning to bloom and will be peaking in a few weeks. I'm having an "Open Garden" the week of May 5-11 so I'm hoping I've timed it right.

The white rose on the arch is 'Lamarque' and the pink ones underneath are 'Carefree Wonder'

The old popular climber 'Blaze' - this rose suffered for years because I had it in a location with too much shade. I moved it last year to a sunnier spot and look what happened.

'Knock Out' which is all the rage now. It rightly lives up to its disease-free and easy maintenance reputation. I'm wanting the new 'Double Knockout' which are so pretty. Perhaps I can replace the butchered boxwood hedge with it?

'Nearly Wild' around the fountain

This rose is called 'Scentimental'

'Westerland' can be grown as a climber or a shrub. I grow it as a shrub.

This rose is called 'Erfurt' and is always beautiful when it first blooms. It needs more room than what I can provide.

'Fantin Latour' - named after the flower painting artist.

One of my favorite roses - 'Buff Beauty'

A shot of the full bush. It is loaded with blooms and should be spectacular within the next week or so.

And this is my favorite iris - 'Gay Parasol' (no jokes please). :)
The rose in the background is 'Mutablis' (aka 'The Butterfly Rose'

My favorite color combination in the garden is pink and purple. Here is the rose 'Russell's Cottage Rose' growing with iris and salvia and other perennials.

'Russell's Cottage Rose' with Siberian Iris

The hybrid musk rose 'Wind Chimes' growing next to Efebe the Hunter.

A closer look at 'Wind Chimes'

The azaleas are on their way out -

I couldn't have a garden without this shrub - Beauty Bush (Kolkwitzia amabilis)

Chinese Ground Orchid (Bletilla striata)

Siberian Iris with Clematis 'Nelly Moser' in background

Clematis 'Josephine'

Mock Orange

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