Monday, February 8, 2010

Unexpected snow - an early birthday present for Michael

Snow is an event that is hard to predict here in north Alabama. When the weather people forecast it, nine times out of ten it doesn't happen. When they don't mention it and you are unprepared for it, watch out. This morning was a perfect example. The only snow in the forecast is for Friday. No mention whatsoever for a possibility today. This morning it started sleeting and snowing before I headed to work. I skidded several times driving to work, a scary experience. It was too late for the University to close the school so they just sent out a caution to be careful.

The snow came down in buckets. Michael was at home and he took these photos. I thought he did a great job. We got around 3 inches! The University closed at 11am because "another wave" was expected this afternoon. Now the weathermen say it will just be rain! Too funny but I guess better safe than sorry.

Michael loves it and says it is an early birthday present for him (his birthday is tomorrow).

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy

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