Entering the Blogosphere

So why I am starting a blog? I barely have time to maintain my garden, read the ever increasing stack of books on my bedside table or watch all the dvds that are arriving from Netflix. For the past ten years, I've maintained a gardening website and I keep hearing from readers who say they would like to see more frequent updates. Perhaps by blogging, I can share more about my garden on a more steady basis (but don't hold me to to this!). I do think I can post photos and experiences that I might not have a place for on the website. Who knows how this will turn out or if it will be a worthwhile experience. I'm willing to give it a try!


  1. Great Website! Beautiful Roses! Keep up the good work!

  2. Dirt Therapy,
    I can see your writing expertise is going to come through perfectly to complement your web site involving gardening and plants (Dirt Therapy). This forum is certainly going to be an encouragement to many. Thanks for your hard work and commitment in the past and for the many years toward the future. DW

  3. Enjoyed my first visit to your site...lovely photo's...and I can see how the Dichondra silver FALLS~ got it's name...beautiful!!


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