July doldrums

This is not exactly the most exciting time in the garden. Since we've finally received some rain (FINALLY!!), the weeds are taking off and the grass is greening up. The humidity is down and this was a pleasant weekend but still a tad hot. This morning I mowed, spread some mulch and did some minor weeding. I took these photos this afternoon.

The paniculata (PeeGee) hydrangeas are beginning to bloom. This one is called "Pee Wee."

Not many roses are blooming right now, but "Belinda's Dream" has several blooms.

I'm beginning to see frogs around my waterfall.

I think this is a rain lily but I don't remember the name of it.
The color is fantastic. If someone can confirm this for me, I would appreciate it.

Containers around the mailbox include coleus, million bells and ageratum.

Coleus are truly wonderful plants for containers. This one is called "Saturn."

This is becoming one of my favorite annuals - Begonia "Dragon Wing"

This is the first time I've grown this annual and I love it. It is called Dichondra 'Silver Falls' and is a trailing plant with silvery round leaves - they remind me of coins. I put it in a shallow concrete basket which has always been difficult to grow things in but this is doing quite well.


  1. Great photos Phillip. I especially like the effect of the PeeGee looking through the "Gateway Of Light" between the trees. Not sure why but I was unable to view the first picture from July 22 as it would not download properly. DW

  2. Thank you! Can you see all the photos now? - Phillip

  3. I like the way you've used the Dichondra, like a silver waterfall. We call it silver ponyfoot around here, because of the round, cloven leaves.

  4. Phillip,
    The top photo is still not coming through. DW

  5. Oh dear! When I click on the Photo Label, I get 2 posts. But this one has 'there was a picture here' all over it. No pics at all ;>((


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