Florence Beautification Winners

Today we presented the Beautification Awards for the city of Florence at a luncheon held at River Heritage Park. It was a hot day but at least we didn't have a major thunderstorm like last year. Every year we select properties in various categories and reward the top winners with a beautification sign for their property. We really appreciate their hard work and their commitment to make our city more beautiful.

Here are the winners for this year:

First Southern Bank (downtown location)

Heart Health Center

Keystone Business Center

Dr. William McClanahan

Chick Fil-A

Burger King (Cox Creek Parkway location)

Huffaker & Associates

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

Florence-Lauderdale Public Library

Olive Garden

Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Ranger Batteries

Red Lobster

Trinity Episcopal Church


Wilson Lake Wastewater Management

Congratulations to all the winners!

Text and photos by Phillip Oliver, Dirt Therapy


  1. I like civic/community encouragement to create beautiful public spaces and gardens! Our redeemer Church is lovely~

  2. These are beautiful businesses. It is nice that the Churches also participate. They look great.

  3. Totally LOVE the idea, great to see commercial businesses taking pride in maintaining a beautiful landscape.

  4. The Chik-fil-a is beautiful, actually they are all. What a great program. It really helps spruce the city up. Most businesses don't want to be bothered with landscaping. It is just another expense to them, and especially in todays economy. But I think that the curb appeal helps draw in customers

  5. They all did a wonderful job. It would be a pleasure to visit any of those winners and enjoy their landscaping.

  6. What a great way to encourage commercial establishments to have attractive landscaping. It makes a city so much more appealing.

    Always Growing

  7. One of the prettiest Burger Kings I've ever seen. I wish the rest would take a look at your blog. Their landscapes in Charleston are totally dreadful.

  8. Loved them all. I know it was difficult to choose among all the beautiful landscaping in the area.

    I do wish Ranger Batteries would go with "less is more" concerning their signage--perhaps incorporating the fact that the building was once a fire hall. Of course, I may be the only one who would think a Dalmation holding a battery is cute...

  9. Commercial places that also add to the beauty of the neighbourhood score a lot of points in my book. And these are truly beautiful. You can almost sense the pride they take in their community

  10. A business that adds to the collective landscape as nicely as these have - will get my business quicker than otherwise.

    Is this your personal award program, or is this part of a group effort? Either way I applaud it.

  11. Hi Les. This is a city board that does the awards program.

  12. Nice architecture and lovely gardens!The little rock garden on the fourth picture is cute!

  13. I agree with everyone here. I'd shop at a place with nice landscaping over a place without it. In my town the city hall and the local park have great landscaping... everyone else, not so much!

    I'd like to propose this idea to our Mayor. She was in charge of beautifying our park and it is incredible. The jewel of the town.

    What all is involved? How do businesses enter? Who picks the winner(s)? And what do they get if they win? The sign?

  14. It is great to see community organizations and businesses beautifying their spaces! They all look great, even the fast food places. I really like the first photo, as well as Die Tech and Our Redeemer Church.

  15. All this reminds me of me garden.

  16. Man, that is the fanciest Olive Garden I've ever seen!

  17. Florence looks like a very clean, well-maintained place! Nice!


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